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This too, shall pass


I fell on the ice a few days ago.  I don’t think I broke any bones, I can brag about my bone density but I know better.     I’ve never really thought about falls.   I mean, I’m a klutz, and fall more than I want to admit.    The black and blues are all colorful, in various stages of color.   The one on my leg is this ugly yellow.     Then darker ones above that.  My leg looks like a spoiling banana!    I was lucky and am grateful that two hoods cushioned my head, so other than a sore neck, my noggan is fine.  Think I’m going to have an xray on my left wrist though.  It’s swollen and isn’t getting any better.    I wrapped it up in my elecrtic blanket the last few nights, which helped the aches and pains.    I went down quickly and right under my car door and car.     A friend had told me about his friend who fell hard the same day and it caused a detached retina in his eye! UGH.  We have a lot of ice this winter.   Grateful I wasn’t seriously hurt.

So today my dad, his girlfriend and I finished installing the sump pump.  And did some repairs on holes in the foundation.  I have a lot of work to do to clean up the cellar, and also my wool rugs and floors upstairs.  As careful as we were, there is no way around tracking mud.  So the floors and rugs will need to be cleaned too…but not today!  Today I’m going to spend some quality alone time, work on a few needlecraft projects I have going, and perhaps an art project.    What will be, will be!  And my ankle will be elevated and the opposite side wrist will be positioned comfortably, so that I can find some peace today, physically and emotionally.

I’ve had a lot going on the past few weeks, and taking time for myself is the key to get back to tranquility.   It’s been one thing after another.  Looking forward to it’s leaving my space and visiting someone else!    The day after the fall I broke a tooth in half.  So tomorrow I’m heading over the mountain to go to the dentist and will probably have the tooth extracted.  I’m really not looking forward to it.  Let’s see what the dentist thinks.   You know how things happen all at once?  Or seem to?  It isn’t so much the seriousness of the event(s) as it is totality of all, and frustration.  It will pass.  Seriously thinking of sage-ing my home tomorrow.  I’ve been saying suggested prayers to try and rid all the crap that’s been happening.    I do well on a one by one challenge, but when given multiples within short time period, not so much.

Yesterday I shared on  my dad.  Today when he was here I took pictures of his hands, he didn’t know I was doing this.   And today I was able to thank him, them, and tell them him that I loved him and appreciated all he has and does do for me.    We had a few minutes alone in my living room, resting, and he told me he knew he was on his way out.  I asked why he felt that way, or had a dr told him?  He said his memory is getting very bad, and he’s losing strength and abilities on a daily basis.   I just listened.  He spoke of his youngest daughter, my kid sister who we lost to cancer 15 years ago now.   And also of his oldest daughter, my oldest sister who we lost to cancer six years ago.    He told me how upsetting it still is when he thinks of particularly, Darlene’s life cut so short, she was young, not as young as some, but not as old as you’d want someone to be when they learn their life is almost over .   My dad and my sister were the best of buds.   They did things together, fished, camped, they had a very special and unique bond.   It was one of the hardest things I’ve experienced in life, losing my sisters, and watching my parents lose their daughters.    I was watching “Blue Bloods” the other day and there was a scene when a woman asked Erin Reagan whether it gets easier, after losing someone close to you.   She said softly, honestly “No”.  I nodded to her reply as if she was sitting in the same room with me.    Time may teach you how to coexist with the loss, but it doesn’t take the pain away, nor do I think you ever really get over it.  You just have no choice but to trudge on, forward.    If there was one thing I could change in my or my dads life, it would be that Darlene lived a long life and that we never had to know what it was like going on without her here.  But if wishes were horses, we would all ride, yes?

So as I sit in my chair resting my lame body, watching the boob tube and working on projects, I am surrounded with pictures of those I love, and two whom I’ve lost.   Not a day goes by that I don’t think of them, or miss them.   I am always grateful for the time I had them in my life.  I’m truly a better person for having known and loved them, and been gifted with their love.  What I find amazing, really, is how the love for them continues to grow.  It’s really an amazing thing.

Hope you are finding enjoyment in peace in whatever you are doing today, and if not, hang on, “this too shall pass”, and if you’re where there is cold weather and ice…. be careful!!!!






I can’t keep up with the crap that’s going on in the world.  Not and live a meaningful, focused, purposeful life.   Two minutes into reading the news, or the newest trend that is circling Facebook, I want to run away and hide.

I don’t think as humans, and I am one of them, we are designed to deal with the harshness that fills this world right now.  Yes, there are still beautiful amazing things to focus on, but there is so much ugliness that me, myself and I have to extricate myself from.     Whether you can handle it, that’s not up for me to decide, but for me personally, I can only stand small increments of crap, otherwise I get swallowed up in it.

This is not to say that I do not have an opinion, most of my readers know the world of crap I got myself in for speaking my voice and opinion in the last election.  What an election to open my mouth!   My point?    I now choose my battles, and wisely.

There is so much going on in this world that strips me of peace, of center.    I’m not one to blame “God”, though I have been extremely ticked off at him in past.     I am petrified of human trafficking, drugs, war, just to name three.   Now peruse your favorite news channel and see how many other dreadful, crazy things are going on.

How do we participate, and for each of us, have a voice, and realize we aren’t always going to agree with the opinion of others, and THAT”S OKAY!     Perhaps listening or reading without judgement, we can learn something about another person, or situation that we may have not looked at, or realized.  But that takes an open mind to be willing to look beyond belligerence.  And I’m here to tell you, I too can be belligerent.    I have been.  But it’s not a place I choose to visit daily, or even weekly.    For me it usually shows up when my defenses have failed to acknowledge harm coming from places I didn’t expect.    This means what?   It’s simple.  That I need to take care of myself, my own mental and physical state, financial.    That doesn’t mean I become oblivious to what is going on around me, but it does mean I secure myself, FIRST, it’s called self preservation!  And when that is in place, and I am able to help another, I will.  I will.

So today I’m choosing to stay in my own little world, which is full of color, texture, music, love, and light.   I am choosing not to participate outside of this world today, because I have somethings I need to take care of, and I am.     But I will and have offered a prayer for all my family, friends, and the world in its entirety.   So much going on right now, natural disasters and more.     My prayer will be my participation and help to others for this day.

I don’t believe we are designed to handle the enormous hatred and judgement that has been tossed around MOMENT BY MOMENT, and I’m not talking about just one subject.  I’m talking about ALL.  I’ve had enough to last me a lifetime, and I’m learning to not become ignorant to what is happening, but become purposeful where I can, and right now, there is nothing I can do for all that surrounds us, but pray.

I’m not suggesting you change what you are doing, unless you, too, feel overwhelmed and consumed by the ugliness that situates beside of you.   I don’t know whats best for you, or anyone else, so I just want to nod at you, blow you a kiss, and wish you a good day, filled with whatever you want it to be.  Those who are struggling, and there are many friends right now who are in crises, I wish you the best, and I’m saying a prayer that you will be comforted, that you will be given the strength you need to get through this day.     I offer this blog to give those like minded thoughts a gentle hug and acknowledgement that, yeah, I too am overwhelmed, so today I’m doing what I can for myself, first.    Wishing you a joy filled day with healthy boundaries and decisions made with a healthy, happy heart.    To you!!!



“Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine, I’ll taste your strawberries, I’ll drink your sweet wine.  A million tomorrow shall all pass away, ere I’ll forget all the joy that is mine, today”.  John Denver, “Today”.

Feeling fairly defeated at the moment.   Have been making great progress in my health, and I know how important that is.   But I was kicked in the teeth about an hour ago, after checking on one aspect of this thing called my life here on earth.

12 years of battles have deemed me irresponsible.  I don’t want to share what I’m talking about, and I know I’m not alone in this but what I will say is this, those times when it feels like you just can’t win?   Times like I’m experiencing right now, this very second, I need to do something for myself, to ground myself.  I need to say prayers of thanks for the progress I AM making, and the rest will fall into place I suppose, if they are ever supposed to.  I can only do my very best.

On a much lighter note, I went and had an ice cream cone with my friend today.  We were laughing and our usual goofy selves (always belly rolls), anyway, we get out of the car and we parked next to a vehicle, there was a man standing there waiting for his two sons to get out of his van.   I was dressed in raggedy, ripped at the knees, capris, and an oversized Boston Red Sox t-shirt, I’ve been working today.  As true when we spontaneously head out for a ride, I had some paint on my hands, but nothing major.   My girlfriend looked pretty in some pistachio colored blouse.  At any rate, the guy looks at us and rolls his eyes.

So as we’re walking to the counter, we stand behind these two women, one who whistles very loudly using her fingers, pierces flesh, I swear.  Totally unconcerned about thos around her.  I said to Chris “I guess we know who that whistle is for?  Hey, at the count of three, lets turn around and reciprocate an eye roll when he walks up”  “Okay she says”.    1, 2, 3 …

We turned around and offered to him the same eye roll he gave us.   When I turned back towards the counter to order, I was laughing.   I don’t really care what this guy thinks of me, or how I or my friend looked.   But I wanted him to know that I saw him do that to us.    Chris said he was grinning smartly, I don’t know, I never looked at him again, but I referred to him as “whistle man” when we got into the car.  “Show me what face you made” I said.   So she makes this very funny strange looking face because she’s not the talented eye roller that I am.   I about laughed myself into wet pants.  “I guess we’re going to have to change our strategy for next time someone does this to us!”     It was nice to laugh.

But that really isn’t what is bothering me.   I think it’s funny that we did this.  And yes, I’m aware that a bigger person would’ve walked by and ignored.   But as I said to my friend “He knows nothing of me, what I’ve been thru, what I’ve survived, the kind of person that I am.   Screw him!”    But the blatant disrespect and supremacist attitude is typical of what this world is like now.   Disheartening, yes.    Did I take it personally?  Nope.

The ice cream was delicious.   It was a three scoop Pistachio Nut that I slowly and skilfully ate in between the belly rolls that followed in our trip to the grocery store.

And now that I’ve sort of purged some emotions, I’m feeling slightly better than I was before I sat down.  The keyboard is a coping tool for me.   Go get yourself your favorite ice cream!  Enjoy it with a friend.  It surely makes meeting asses funnier when you can share it with someone!

So, I’m off to try to nurture and get beyond the feelings of being defeated.  And I’ll say a prayer of “thanks” for meeting whistle man.   It’s always good to have examples of the people you don’t want to become or be like!




For the last week my mind and spirit have been hijacked by the powerful entity of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety.  It invaded my brain, and then quickly took over what seemed to be my soul, leaving me reaching out to anything that I could hold onto.

I’m not shy to talk about my mental illlness, I do so in hopes of helping another, because when all is said and done, I know I’m not alone here.   But I am always leery about sharing too much, because people do treat you differently.   It’s a hard fact.   The talons of mental illness are sometimes ignored, and certainly mistreated, some due to ignorance, and others?  Fear!

The grip this trip was treacherous.  And I didn’t help myself by reaching out to another until last night when others reached out to me.  Oh how potent a secret battle that carries its venom best when we are in isolation from the world.     

My anxiety and fears are very real.  And I haven’t experienced this intensity of anxiety in years.  I will admit tonight, I should have been in a hospital, getting help, but after how many years in therapy, what else is there to say?   I recall a House, MD episode where he walks out of his therapy session and says “You don’t have any answers”.

What amazes me this evening, as I sit here writing this blog, is where my mind was just mere hours ago.  Nothing has changed in my setting, nothing has changed in my reality, except that I did, with the help of many cherished prayers and encouragement from friends, face my fears today.  Tonight I am exhausted, worn like an old penny, and while my anxiety is there, I’m practicing letting it be, letting the anxiety reveal itself, and trying everything I know not to feed it or let it overpower me again.   Feeding it got me into a full fledge panic attack earlier, where I was grasping for breath, sweat pouring off me, and had to sit with my head in my hands for several minutes because I was borderline passing out.  Yes, that awful place I’ve known a few times before.  If you’ve never encountered such, I am both happy and envious of you.

My ditzy little old cat has stayed by my side for days.  Mommy wasn’t healthy, and her steadiness and loyalty clings to my heart.

I really don’t care to share anymore tonight.   As I said earlier, I’m spent, and I’m hoping that with meds I will be gifted with a good nights sleep.  Rest assured I will be on my knees tonight praying that I do not wake up like I have the past couple mornings.   But in case I do, I need a plan.  So I’m working on a little “cheat sheet” note to myself for morning.  And this blog serves as a reminder to my saner, calmer self and conscience.

Earlier I sat down, with John Denver ( my roots) playing in the background, and started painting a small daisy.  Something cheery, something positive before I retire.  Revisiting “Let it Be” was what I needed.  I closed my eyes and let the music take me where I needed to go.  To the many dark places I’ve survived in my life, and that this?  This I’m determined will not have extended stay.  I cannot afford it, physically, mentally, spiritually.

I welcome your prayers, positive energy over the next few weeks as I find my way through this “episode” for lack of a better word.

My greatest wish for myself, and for all, for that matter,  in not wealth, but peace.  I welcome it’s return, and will strive to achieve it and then hold onto it.    Peace.

Peace to you, too.




A brook runs through it….
A brook runs through it...my life, yours....all

A brook runs through it…my life, yours….all

Summer is here.  The greens that surround me are so vibrant, so varied.  The smell of grilling is everywhere.  Its that time of year that you sometimes see underwear hanging on a clothes line!  Not in this house, anyway..and no, it isn’t because I don’t wear them, it is because that is too much work.  But I’ve gotta tell you, there is nothing quite like freshly washed sheets that have been dried outside!  One of the pleasures of living in the country.  But beware of bees!

I have gotten into the habit of driving down an old back road where a brook runs alongside of it.  It comforts me, it soothes me, it is one of the many reasons why I love living in Vermont.  (Remind me of that next Winter when I am complaining about shoveling snow!).  First, its always cooler there. The trees foliage serves as a canopy from the hot sun. Second, the sound of water running (and not down my leg), the streaming of the water around the rocks brings me joy.

I often relate life to nature and other things as well.  I’m sure I have shared why I like Dylan so much.  His voice replicates life to me.  Sometimes harsh, sometimes soft, sometimes not even ledgible!  It is all of these things, and more that I experience in life. Wondering if there will ever be a man who sings “Lay Lady Lay” to me! At any rate, this charming picturesque route on Broad Brook Road I identify similarly to Dylan.  Sometimes life has a rough current, other times it flows in happy harmony against the rocks that reside with them.  Sometimes we are covered with foliage (shelter) and other times fully exposed.   Sometimes the current is so strong, so fast it is hard to get let alone keep my bearings, and other times the pace is lackadaisical – Ever reminding me that every aspect of my life serves an important part. Life isn’t just about roses (which by the way, I’m allergic to!), or just happiness or sadness. It is about discovering, exploring, growing, learning and love…Let us not forget love! I vow to be gentler on myself and others. To think twice before I judge another and perhaps even myself. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we were all a little kinder, gentler with ourselves and others? I need to treat myself the way I treat my family or friends, I am, after all, both of these to myself! Working on forgiving myself for the things I did or did not do, for not being perfect, and when my best just does not seem good enough. I aspire to smile more, laugh often. (I really do not have a difficult time achieving the later..I love my sense of humor and I don’t mind saying so!) I aspire to chip away at the wall I have built to cover my heart. I shall love again! I shall love again! Just smile! When the time comes that tears flow again, and they will, I will do my best to remember, smile Donna, just smile and have peace in knowing all of it is penning the story of my life, and I do have a good life. Life, even at its challenging trying times, is beautiful. Sometimes I need to bear patience or exert myself to look further around the bend! To remind myself that the future is uncertain…and it could very well be better than I can fathom!

As I look in the back seat I see my Lilly girl fully stretched with her head out one of the windows.  She looks like a small bear cub when she does this.  Her favorite cruising speed appears to be 40-50, Brody’s was 25-35.  Two entirely different pooches.

My home is starting to smell much better!  Two animals sprayed by skunks in one week was a bit much!  Lilly looks like she had her facial fur highlighted as the peroxide I used in a concoction to help alleviate the stench lightened her hair, actually turned it charcoal greyish.  That’s okay though, because those little brown eyes are much more noticeable this way.   She is enjoying visits to gramma’s house when I have appointments or errands.   All in all she is a sweet little dog whom brings me much joy, many smiles. Just smile, Donna! Just smile!

Things aren’t perfect and they never will be. Perhaps momentarily they may appear to be, but no matter where I am in life I will be okay. Things may not go the way I’d like, or even planned (which can sometimes I define as premeditated resentments, as futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight) but do I choose to fight the current or ride it out til it brings me to solemn, serene waters? The choice is mine.

Now I and Lilly shall take the jeep into the woods and explore. What will we see today? A deer? Beaver? Pheasant? It’s always as adventure… Discovery, its a wonderful thing!  Maybe, just maybe…I will learn something new something good about myself!

A brook runs through it….

Living well….what defines your life


Much of my life I spent thinking that everyone else had the “secret or answer” to life, and I was the one left out, running, scurrying around looking for the key to happiness.  I ALSO thought that the difficult times of my life did not count towards what defined my life or self, only the happy times.

Thank GOD for maturity, growth, and knowledge!

Today I see things so differently.  First off, life is so much more than just about being happy.  Happiness is something we strive for and can and may achieve in spite of all the obstacles, challenges and things that come into our lives.  I know now that it is the challenges, the difficult parts of my life that have helped build my character, helped form and shape the person that I am today.   Lessons and gifts come in so many different packages.   There is always something positive in every situation if we choose to look at it.  That does not discount the humility or difficulties and yes, emotional pain that comes with many lessons.  One of the greatest motivators for change for me is in fact, pain.  And it is through our pain that we learn, we grown… we realize we are stronger than we ever thought we were, our perspective may change thus bringing new light into our life.  We may not like them, but they are an important part of our lives.

I really have no jealousy over anyone.  I may envy others financial security at times, but even that is a fleeting thought.  I was watching a biography on an artist whose life was difficult and he struggled with depression, and difficulties throughout his life and then it hit me…. Wow… his life isn’t just about the fact that he is now a popular (and dead lol) artist… we read (for me I suck it up like a sponge) about their lives, wanting to know more about them, and it was at that moment that it really hit me… our life is defined by the script in its entirety of when we were conceived or born, to death… and for some, even after… by want they leave behind…. their “legacy”. 

When I look at it that way I am not so hard on myself, but instead proud of myself for all that I have lived through and learned from… AND use my experiences to help others with!  Also the capacity in which I am able to love, to give to others, to feel.  I am so far from perfect, and it is so relieving to know that I am not the “odd man out” looking for the answer or secret to life.  We are all just doing our best, trudging along, living our lives, making decisions.  It makes it so much more interesting to look at others, to see how they choose to live their life, how they make a living, what is important to them, what isn’t, and so on.  And it always intrigues and inspires me to see or hear about someone whom I know has experienced great challenges and emotional or physical pain/struggles  in their life and to see them laughing, smiling and happy.   What an amazing person!  That to me is wealth.  That to me is the highest level of living!  It isn’t about status, commodities or anything like that.

Today I am proud to be me,,, Today I am grateful that for this day I can enjoy some relaxation time, I am crisis free at the moment, and I see so much beauty all around me….