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I am grateful for….


I am grateful for


My family:    I am most “home” when I am with my family, physically, mentally, spiritually.   I am so grateful for all.    Parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, great nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, in laws…

My friends:  The most diverse and loyal people in my life.   My friends never cease to amaze me with their abilities, their strives, successes, their love, their encouragement, dependability, willingness to help

My animals:  The joys of children without the fear of drugs, alcohol…..college tuition

My health:   Cancer free, remission

My home:  My humble womb

My jeep:   Wheels, dependable transportation, great snow vehicle…and from a generous friend

My abilities:  My ability to write, paint, design, empathize with others, feel, comprehend, love, cry, reach out

My creativity:  My livelihood, my love, my essentials

Food, clothing, shelter covered:   Essentials for all, and gratefully I have all three

Memories:  Internal movies and pictures, moments in time that I can fall back to, open up, and treasure.

My therapist, my psychiatrist, oncologist, pcp:  I depend on each, they have all helped me enormously, have provided good care. 

Medications:   I can smile, laugh, feel happiness.  I can get up in the morning without biting someone’s head off, for the ability to think clearly, have my brain off the adhd hampsters wheel and the depression in check

E-Service people:   Police, firemen, paramedics, doctors, nurses, aides…. The unsung heroes that keep us safe and come to our rescue.  Who put their lives at risk every day.

Veterans:  For all who have and are serving our country, protecting us, our land, putting their life on the line, and their family and personal lives on hold to do so.  

Art:  For the many artists, forms of art that richen my and others lives.  For music which is my muse, for painting, designing, for every form of art and all artists who share their God given talents with us.

Creativity:   This right brained artist lives and functions by creating….

Decorative Painting:  The people I have met, the art, the sharing.  I have never met a decorative painting student who hasn’t been willing to help another, lend their brushes, etc.,   And when I see the looks on my students faces, or all students really, at conventions, seeing their excitement, their happiness, delight, being proud of what they just painted….it touches my heart.

Beads:   Necklaces, earrings, sun catchers, bracelets, anklets…. Must I go on?

Computers (well, sometimes!):   What would life be like without the internet?????

Sewing machines, fabric:   Enjoy this and can create beautiful embellishments for my home

Love:  It doesn’t get any better than this

My brain:  Even when I have brain farts

My body:  Ability to move around, function, ability in general!

My neighbors:  They help me with my yard, my walkways….  Enormous help

Joy:  Who wouldn’t be grateful for this?  

Challenges and Difficulties:  Because they strengthen my character and ability to withstand the difficulties of life.

For my life:   It has been one incredible journey, one of growth, one of love, one of accomplishments, set backs, disappointments, conquers, strides, achievements