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This past week I spent a few days in Maine, York to be exact.   Being around water is super wonderful for me, it helps ease the binds that chain me.   The ocean?  Makes me realize how small my problems are.  That is not to say that my problems aren’t important to me, they are, and I’m facing life with zest and experience, knowing a higher power has always had my back, and I highly doubt he’ll abandon me now.    But just as anytime something bad happens to you and you never really have to look real far for someone who has it not only worse than you, but much worse, and they handle it gracefully, the ocean reminds me that the reaches of self importance in extreme can be like a tital wave, gushing in here, there, everywhere until you are no longer focused on that which needs work.

I was thinking about what it’s like when you lose your identity.  For me, I was a art teacher.  I travel taught, and published in magazines, self published, even authoring a book many moons ago now.   So when that seized to exist, who am I?  What am I accomplishing?  Am I worthy of life?    So now, just these questions you probably are saying “Lighten the hell up, Donna!”.    This is where my brain goes.    I felt purpose when I taught.   I remember when I cut way back on travel teaching, a battle five years ago with depression and anxiety so high I don’t care to even think about it.    I couldn’t function.   I had all I could do to take care of myself, physically, mentally.    So teaching was cast aside and so were many “friends” who didn’t accept “the new me”.    Maybe it’s in my head, but maybe not.  When you are no longer supplying people with what they want, or need, does your existence go away?   Because if it does?   I’m here to tell you, these people are not your friends.   Friend’s stick with you through the challenges of life, and there are MANY challenges in life.  And those who don’t?   Doesn’t mean they weren’t your friend, or that they don’t care.  Perhaps they don’t.  But It’s okay.  It really is.   Because new, good, fun, meaningful things are new people are awaiting your arrival!

I’m about to embark on a “come back” if you will.   But not really a come back, but a new chapter in the life and times of Donna Scully.   Not really sure what will work for me, but I know I loved to teach, and if I went into a class in a bad mood, when I left it, I was singing and smiling.  (Insert Rocky Balboa theme song here).   KIDDING!  Have a lot of things going on, excited and happy about that.  Stay tuned!

I’ve been thinking about how painful and disappointing it can be when you are treated differently because for what ever reason, you are no longer offering what you once did.  Who is not to say that you aren’t better then you ever were?  Seriously?

I have a friend who was unfriended by many “friends” because of his political view.   A “star” to them at one time, now, forgotten.   It has to hurt.  It did when long time friends did that to me, but I’ve long since made peace with all that.    I really have.   I believe when doors close, windows open, and new adventures will reveal themselves.

I’m a creative soul, a good soul.  I am kind, honest, caring, and I love fiercely.   But age and experience has taught me that not everyone is worthy of time (and likewise, I’m sure).   So I’m rather excited about “new beginnings” that will define itself mid term.   I look for signs, pray for guidance, and am never disappointed with what comes to replace the old.    The problem I have is hanging onto what once was.    I white knuckle it until I’ve made the step of acceptance, and USUALLY when I can’t decide what is next for me, it is because it hasn’t yet been revealed.

I remember a day when I was on my way to a Michael’s, probably 30 miles from my home.  On my way there I was asking my higher power “Should I start designing in needlecraft again?”    Not five minutes later, upon entering Michael’s and heading back to the yarn department a woman I hadn’t known said my name.  “Donna Scully?”  Oh boy, how do they know me?   Anyway.  She introduced herself as a couple of my students mom.  Had recognized me from magazine pics, I guess.    (Miracle there).   Anyway, she said “Guess what I’m doing here?”  I look down at her basket which was full of this one beautiful colored yarn.   “Making a sweater?” I asked?   With that, she pulled out one of my Leisure Art booklets that has long since been retired, it was an instructional pamphlet with 5 of my sweater designs in it.  “Nice!” I said!    “Thanks for sharing!”

As I walked back to the department after our conversation I looked up, smiled and said “Thank you!”    The experience justified spending more money than I was planning on!  (I’m good at justifying when it comes to my creative efforts).

I had an epiphany a few weeks ago… alas, direction, I know what I’m doing, and the direction I’m supposed to head in.  But all eyes are not on the prize, but on what presents itself because things rarely ever turn out the way I think they are going to.   I have endless stories of this type of event happening with me.   Like one time thinking maybe I’d sell my house and move away.  To where?  Was in CT with a close friend, we were on a Craigslist adventure.     During our conversation I said I didn’t yet “feel it”.  I didn’t know where I should be, I just know I felt disheveled.   Just as I say that a sign (town sign) showed up on our right.  “Vernon” (which is also the Town in which I live in another state!”   We both laughed.  I guess I’m supposed to stay put!

Do you get these signs?  Are you listening and open to them?   I bet signs are all around you, are you open to seeing or hearing about them?


Synchronicity & Laws of Attraction


As far back as I can remember my life has run parallel to another.  People have somehow come into my life at the time our lives are parallel to each other.   Some stay, some fall by the wayside, but what stays with me is knowing there is a reason, a purpose, no accidents or coincidences here. 

As I look back over some of these experiences I am pleased to say that I can see what I learned from these experiences.  I can also see where these people (places, things) were placed in my life to help me, guide me, teach me.   Truly the most valuable lessons I have found came in the most painful times.  I was always, however given what I needed, even though at times I doubted just that.

3000 miles away unknowingly my sister and I buy the same shirt.   I dream of someone I haven’t seen or heard from in years, and the next day my phone rings, they are calling to say hello.   I am having a particularly rough morning and right at the very moment I realize I need help and should to talk to somebody, a text comes in from my friend in Long Island who says “Are you okay?  Please text to confirm”.  The earliest recollection I have of my dreams being played out the very next day was when I was in 6th grade.  My mother drove the school bus that brought me and my friends to school (I will add, that wasn’t a lot of fun!).  I dreamed that our dog Cinder (Poo-ey) had gotten loose, ran away, and we picked him up with a fully loaded school bus, several miles from our home, he rode to school with us.  It played out exactly as such the next day.   Speaking of my mother, one night several years ago after teaching a class I sat down on the couch and stared into the oriental rug on the floor.  I had a vision of my mother slipping away, and the number 2 (no, not as in poop!) something wasn’t right.  It was late, too late to call her, so I decided to stay up until 2:15, at that time I would go to bed.  At 2:10 my brother called to tell me my mother was taken by ambulance to the local hospital…this was the beginning of her first journey through cancer.

I could go on endlessly with examples of how synchronicity has and continues to play a part in my life.  It isn’t fate, or destiny, it is “the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung”.

What little I have read on “Laws of Attraction”, I must admit, I am afraid of it.  How do I know that what I am attracting is good for me?  I have practiced praying only for His (you define what this is) will is for me.  But is this what I should be doing?  I have heard others pray specifically for what they want, desire, etc.  I have been told to do the same “Be specific!”.   On the few occasions that I have asked the “universe” or “him“to provide something for me, it has in fact happened.  Amazing stuff!

But it is as if I run back to my hole, my passive aggressive safety net where I just accept what comes at me, and make the most of it.  In some ways this keeps me from having to stake claim to my dreams, my wishes, my wants.  This isn’t a bad thing, as I find peace and acceptance with where I am, what I have, etc. at this very moment… What IF I really do focus on what I want?  What if I use the Laws of Attraction to do just that and it comes true?

My eyebrow raises in curiosity of such.  What if… what if… What if I were King????