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“50 things about me!”


1.)   I get teary eyed and goose bumps when I see a big old Red, White & Blue flag flying

2.)  One of the proudest days of my life was when I bought out my ex-husband, and owned my own home!

3.) I am the middle of five siblings

4.) I have known love

5.) I hope to be half the person my dog thinks I am!

6.) My mentor is an 87 year old retired art teacher who I just adore.

7.) I have been in a room with someone I loved when they were told they had only a short time to live

8.) I have EXCELLENT taste in friends.

9.) I find great joy in making things…. Art for one

10.) I have had more surgeries than I can to share!

11.) My home is like my womb, and I hope it’s comfy and inviting to all my guests

12.) I do not like to cook

13.) I rarely lose anything

14.) I am not a morning person, have never been

15.) I was unable to have children, so I guess I married them

16.) I believe in God, and I’ve been blessed to see his work in my life

17.) I believe if you give to another it comes back to you, tenfold

18.) I do not feel my age mentally, but physically I do

19.) My most creative time has been 10pm – 2am

20.)  I despise phones, but I love what my Iphone offers me

21.) I have smoked one cigarette in my life (at age 15), and I had a headache for 2 days

22.) I love Bailey’s Irish Creme

23.) I believe when a door is closed, a window is opened, or visa versa

24.) Music is vital to my happiness

25.) I have had the following cars:  1976 Subaru (Turquoise), 1980 Subaru Coupe (New), Renault p.o.s., 1988 Honda Prelude (new),  Pontiac Fiero, 2003 Subaru Wagon, 86 Jetta, 91 Jetta, 2003 Honda Odyssey, 2003 Jeep Liberty, and I now drive a 2002 VW Passat with 270K!

26.) I am my own worst critic

27.)  I believe food tastes better, and possessions are more appreciated when earned or grown yourself

28.) Sometimes I think about growing old, and I wonder if I will

29.) I am very grateful for my parents and their love for me

30.) The best advice given to me (or that I heard) was “Step back, look at the situation before responding, hence reacting

31.) I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that life is like a 100 piece puzzle that we will only get 60-70 pieces to connect

32.) I know mental illness intimately

33.) I love being near or close to bodies of water, I find it tranquilizing

34.) I hate snakes

35.) Family comes first, always

36.) I know what lost love feels like

37.) I am a cancer survivor

38.) I have laughed so hard I’ve wet my pants

39.) The older I get, the smarter my parents are!

40.) I believe we are responsible for our own happiness

41.)  I don’t like the state of the World.  It saddens me

42.) I have been physically abused before

43.) If I had to do it over again, I would have become a graphic artist

44.) Nature grounds me

45.) I like who I am, I am honest, kind, caring, and I love to laugh

46.) I have lost two sisters to ovarian cancer

47.) I fear more loss

48.) I love animals

49.) Fall is my favorite time of year

50.) I am an extrovert who heals and recoops like an introvert

Whose next to share their list???????????  I dare you!


February Musings….


Today’s lesson:  Exercise is not only healing but free! (I dislike gyms…)

Today’s gratitude:  I am grateful for this beautiful day, for my family, my friends…and my students.

Just back from a hike in in the woods with the dogs.   I got quite a workout today, breaking a foot or more of snow as we chugged along.  I was panting like a convict at an all female rodeo…

Thankfully the dogs are calm now.   They won’t be when I pull out the vacuum cleaner.  That is why I don’t pull it out often….. ;););)

I remember being described as “earthy” in the past.   Earthy, huh.   What exactly does that mean?   I love nature, I love animals, I love the outdoors, I love the woods…  but since I found Dansko I no longer buy birki’s!   Earthy…. I’ll take that.

This aging stuff is for the birds.  I have such good ideas when I’m out and about, now if I could only remember them!

I logged into facebook today and oddly on the right hand side there was a notification that “you have a message”.  So I clicked on it, thinking facebook changed their format again and it was “you have a message from a guy from Brattleboro”, next town over where I do all my shopping, banking…  In the town I live in I think there is more cows than residents, not that a cow isn’t a resident!    Anyway, if I wanted to find a date I’d go on match . com .  Thank you, but no thank you, facebook.

Does anyone else have issues buying triscuits, fig newtons, crackers, cookies?  My God there are 15 new flavors of each.  It’s hard to find the original!   I spent $40, and that was soup, milk, juice, oatmeal and a box of ginger snaps.   Unbelievable.   Good God I’m sounding like my mother!….Phew, just ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror…. not quite my mother yet!

Speaking of mirrors, yesterday I looked into an 8x magnifying mirror.   After coming too, I looked again and about crapped my pants.  My God… I have age spots!   I have wrinkles!     I have saggy skin!   When did all this happen?   As with all my efforts lately, I am trying to turn negative thoughts into positive so this is what I came up with.   It’s 8x…. so if you multiply that by my age, that is what I’ll look like when I’m 400 years old…..okay, now I can calm down.

I am slowly losing this weight again.  I feel so much better.  The hike in the woods today was easier, even trudging through the snow.  There is nothing like fresh cold air in my lungs, kissing my face.   Then I come home, get the dogs water, and say hello to John Boy, Maryellen…

There’s another storm a comin!    Old New England folk talk.   For years one of our local radio stations had this guy “Arlo Mudget” do a daily “80 years ago today…trivia.”   He spoke like a hillbilly.  It would annoy me, I would change the channel.  Well apparently the radio station has figured out that it is not flattering to Vermont or Vermonters, because now he speaks in his normal voice which is quite pleasant.    Did you ever see those commercials JCPenney’s put out a couple of years ago… SCREAMING on television?    They irritated me so much I boycotted them.  What the hell?

On my way home I took the back roads, running alongside a stream, brook.   It is here where I feel most comfortable.  It is here that I remember why I love Vermont, New England.   Winter’s are rough, but they surely are beautiful.   The partially iced over brook had a foot of snow on it, and in between those areas you could see the brown brown (purposely duplicated) water.   The pines, canopied over, had remnants of snow from the last storm.   The green foliage, pines is stunning against the pure white snow.   Of course it doesn’t look that way everywhere.  Particularly after I take my dogs for a hike in the woods… 🙂 🙂 🙂  No longer white snow!

Now I shall go about my day.  I’ve no idea what I will do, but I do know that if I don’t vacuum today the rugs will have Sophie’s hair forever embedded in them.    She is quite the love bug.   She likes you to “spoon” her when she sleeps.  It’s the cutest thing.   It actually is comforting.   This shepherd is the most vocal dog I have ever heard.   She is not yet comfortable riding in the car, she whines constantly.   I took my mom through McD’s and she barked so loud at the speaker they couldn’t hear my order.  Also when I turned on the radio she started to bark!   This needs to stop but quick.   Also any dog of mine will need to like or learn to like riding around.  I guess my jeep is my Harley.   It suits me.  I love my jeep.

Hope you are having a great day.  The sun is shining here, it’s quite beautiful out.  Definitely sunglasses required day.  The reflection off the snow is blinding.    Hey, maybe I need to surround the mirror in my bathroom with snow????

In lieu of today’s artwork I thought I’d post a picture that makes me smile……  Beautiful artwork, eh?imagesCAEY7ODR

A brook runs through it….
A brook runs through it...my life, yours....all

A brook runs through it…my life, yours….all

Summer is here.  The greens that surround me are so vibrant, so varied.  The smell of grilling is everywhere.  Its that time of year that you sometimes see underwear hanging on a clothes line!  Not in this house, anyway..and no, it isn’t because I don’t wear them, it is because that is too much work.  But I’ve gotta tell you, there is nothing quite like freshly washed sheets that have been dried outside!  One of the pleasures of living in the country.  But beware of bees!

I have gotten into the habit of driving down an old back road where a brook runs alongside of it.  It comforts me, it soothes me, it is one of the many reasons why I love living in Vermont.  (Remind me of that next Winter when I am complaining about shoveling snow!).  First, its always cooler there. The trees foliage serves as a canopy from the hot sun. Second, the sound of water running (and not down my leg), the streaming of the water around the rocks brings me joy.

I often relate life to nature and other things as well.  I’m sure I have shared why I like Dylan so much.  His voice replicates life to me.  Sometimes harsh, sometimes soft, sometimes not even ledgible!  It is all of these things, and more that I experience in life. Wondering if there will ever be a man who sings “Lay Lady Lay” to me! At any rate, this charming picturesque route on Broad Brook Road I identify similarly to Dylan.  Sometimes life has a rough current, other times it flows in happy harmony against the rocks that reside with them.  Sometimes we are covered with foliage (shelter) and other times fully exposed.   Sometimes the current is so strong, so fast it is hard to get let alone keep my bearings, and other times the pace is lackadaisical – Ever reminding me that every aspect of my life serves an important part. Life isn’t just about roses (which by the way, I’m allergic to!), or just happiness or sadness. It is about discovering, exploring, growing, learning and love…Let us not forget love! I vow to be gentler on myself and others. To think twice before I judge another and perhaps even myself. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we were all a little kinder, gentler with ourselves and others? I need to treat myself the way I treat my family or friends, I am, after all, both of these to myself! Working on forgiving myself for the things I did or did not do, for not being perfect, and when my best just does not seem good enough. I aspire to smile more, laugh often. (I really do not have a difficult time achieving the later..I love my sense of humor and I don’t mind saying so!) I aspire to chip away at the wall I have built to cover my heart. I shall love again! I shall love again! Just smile! When the time comes that tears flow again, and they will, I will do my best to remember, smile Donna, just smile and have peace in knowing all of it is penning the story of my life, and I do have a good life. Life, even at its challenging trying times, is beautiful. Sometimes I need to bear patience or exert myself to look further around the bend! To remind myself that the future is uncertain…and it could very well be better than I can fathom!

As I look in the back seat I see my Lilly girl fully stretched with her head out one of the windows.  She looks like a small bear cub when she does this.  Her favorite cruising speed appears to be 40-50, Brody’s was 25-35.  Two entirely different pooches.

My home is starting to smell much better!  Two animals sprayed by skunks in one week was a bit much!  Lilly looks like she had her facial fur highlighted as the peroxide I used in a concoction to help alleviate the stench lightened her hair, actually turned it charcoal greyish.  That’s okay though, because those little brown eyes are much more noticeable this way.   She is enjoying visits to gramma’s house when I have appointments or errands.   All in all she is a sweet little dog whom brings me much joy, many smiles. Just smile, Donna! Just smile!

Things aren’t perfect and they never will be. Perhaps momentarily they may appear to be, but no matter where I am in life I will be okay. Things may not go the way I’d like, or even planned (which can sometimes I define as premeditated resentments, as futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight) but do I choose to fight the current or ride it out til it brings me to solemn, serene waters? The choice is mine.

Now I and Lilly shall take the jeep into the woods and explore. What will we see today? A deer? Beaver? Pheasant? It’s always as adventure… Discovery, its a wonderful thing!  Maybe, just maybe…I will learn something new something good about myself!

A brook runs through it….

Size matters… HUGE snowflakes!


We woke up this morning to THE BIGGEST and prettiest snowflakes on the ground.  It was amazing!  Brody (I am beginning to realize that perhaps I’m sounding a bit like Kathie Lee many years ago when every word that came out of her mouth was….”Cody Cody Cody”) instantly licked some and I have to admit, I also picked some up in my hand and dropped them on my tongue…. I don’t recall ever seeing such big fluffy beautiful snowflakes!   I was mesmerized by their purity, and their almost too perfect to be real manner in which they blanketed the ground.  I was starstruck!   When you pick up this snow and throw it, it looks exactly like the fake snow they use in movie scenes (only much shinier… Swarovski (Crystals) I am sure was once inspired by the bling from such beautiful snowflakes! Feeling compelled to taste the snow reminded me of when I was younger (38) and did the infamous.. lick the frost off the metal door knob….   Oh sure, I bet none of you did that!  It was so inviting after playing outside in the snow for a few hours.  That’s as far as we’ll go on that story!  Suffice to say, I will never do that again!

Yesterday I visited with a friend as we watched a variety  of birds outside her window in her backyard.  It was refreshing, pleasant, a reminder that Spring WILL be here soon.  Even the ground hog would agree with that statement, but then again, I think he was afraid to end up as someones dinner if he DID see his shadow!

When outside this morning I was looking at the bare trees dressed only with touches of moss and some scattered leaves left over from last season.  Do you think they too tire of Winter?  Or do they love the break in hot temps, enjoy the cold on their roots, exterior, and find humor in watching us have hissy fits about all the snow and ice, and for some of us, falls on the ice?  Though there is nothing funny about falling on the ice if someone gets hurt…  Fortunately for me, I have lots of padding!

I hope wherever you are you are enjoying the same blue skies and sunshine as we are having here today in Vermont.  May your day be filled with something as magical as this mornings majestic snowflakes were here!

The upside of sensitivities


Driving into New Hampshire today to get some supplies for class with an additional stop at Home Depot, I found myself mesmerized by the scenery around me.   The staging of snow covered mountains, fields perfectly blanketed in Pearl White,  partially snow frosted pine trees, dark rich colored bare trees further emphasizing the crisp clean lines of the brilliant white freshly fallen snow.    Old tin mailboxes with a foot or more of snow piled on top with just enough rust exposed to accentuate the variance of color, texture.  I wondered, as I drove, what would it be like to be an owl, and be able to turn your head all the way around?   I didn’t want to miss a thing, and even driving below the speed limit these beautiful scenes flew by too fast.

I love the mountains, in any season.  Today they were exceptionally beautiful.  I realized that the mountains have always given me a sense of security.  Having always lived in a valley nestled between many, I feel naked, exposed when I am away from them.  I believe they protect us, shield us and provide us with healing energy, if only just in the spirit that rises within us as we acknowledge their stature, their beauty.  I was reminded of my first glimpse of Mt. Ranier last fall from the tiny little airplane window as we were landing in Seattle.  Snow capped, picturesque, absolutely breathtaking.  My spirit soared and danced, and tears streamed uncontrollably down my cheeks.  WOW!  My eyes were fixated on this majestic beauty for as long as I could possibly view it.  While strikingly different from the mountains in New England, it/they are nonetheless beautiful.

While on the highway home in Vermont my eyes immediately went to an opening in the clouds where the sun resided for that moment.  Surrounded with grey clouds, this tiny area was warm, inviting and bright.  Rays of sun shined down thru the clouds onto the land in many directions.  It was amazing!    It’s creator certainly knows impeccable beauty.   I realized I had slowed down as others were passing me.   Do they see this?  Are they looking at this?  How could anyone not focus on this?  It was then that the wrinkles and folds that had been impressed in my forehead for the past few days vanished, a small smile actually came to my face.  For all the discomfort and difficulties my sensitivities have brought me, and all the cursing I had done the past few days about this, it was then that I realized… I was grateful for being a sensitive soul, grateful for the keen awareness’s of my surroundings and the subtle changes.  Today was testament to how glorious it can be to experience the world as a sensitive soul…… Thank you, God!