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What is your Real Age?


A friend posted about her experience with RealAge.com so I decided to give it a shot.   Basically you take this 10-15 minute test that asks questions about your general health and habits, at the end of this it will give you your Real Age according to the information you gave.  Considering my history with clinical depression, breast cancers, fibromyalgia, anxiety and the fact that I’m overweight and not exercising regularly, I was afraid to see the results.   49.7!  I am at 49.5.  I was pleased with this but I am not pleased with how I have been feeling or the lack of physical stamina I have.  The good news is alongside your real age they give you suggestions on how to improve your health, areas that you need to work on.    I need to start eating breakfast (oatmeal is recommended, or whole grains), making healthier food choices, implement some cardio exercise into my daily life and have more orgasms!  Okay, well that one was like the cherry on top of the strawberry sundae, wait, I mean almonds on the yogurt and fruit parfait!

It’s interesting the questions that are asked, and the things that you can do that have the potential of improving and elongating your life.  Do you floss regularly?  Did you know that if you floss daily you could add up to 7 years onto your life span!   Got stress?  Dump it!   What stress does to our bodies is frightening.  While it’s impossible to avoid stress entirely, there are things we can do to avoid or lessen our stress debts, and also work through them.

For me, I have to get out of the vicious cycle of eating well one day, blowing it the next.  Before I die I would like to know and feel the goodness from a healthy balance of mind, spirit and body.  The later is the area I need serious work on.  I want to be healthy!  I’m working up to making that commitment to myself.  Isn’t it funny how all the ads on television, all the hoopla of “this or that” that can and will improve your life, bring you better health, yada yada yada, it all goes right back to the basics… proper nutrition, exercise… and a lot of orgasms! 🙂

Here’s to good health to all of us.