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My sixth sense….. HUMOR


Lesson #3:  Be sure to take the time to tie the laces on your Sorels (boots) before carrying your dog to poop.   Stepping out of a boot into a foot of snow is NOT fun!


“You girls get out there and pick up the table”…my father used to say every night after dinner.  So my sisters and I would go out into the kitchen, pick up the table and wait til he saw us.   We would have to take turns at who washed and who dried the dishes.    I preferred to dry because my sis would always give me back a dish and say “It’s dirty”.   Then she would turn her head and smile.   “MOM, Darlene is making me wash clean dishes!” …. My mother replied  “Well, there are worse things that could happen, Donna!”

I love my family’s sense of humor.  Every one of us, including my parents, my aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins all  have wonderful sense of humor.    My father, a kind, very gentle man would include his on his very infrequent bouts of anger.    My mother was in a particularly bossy mood one weekend.  “Do this, do that, get this done, get that done…not to just us kids but also my father.    She and I were backing out of the driveway to go get groceries and she hollered out the window of that big old Ford wagon (with grained sides) “Don’t forget to do fix Pooey’s chain!” (our black lab).   My father, with a look of disgust, with force in his voice said “Would you like me to shove a broom up my ass and sweep the floor while I’m at it?”   I will never forget that.   I was laughing so hard, turning my head so my mother couldn’t see, which was stupid because she could certainly hear me! imagesCAADX7KJ

My former fiancée had a wonderful sense of humor as well.   When I would be in a less than flattering mood he would put his finger up in the air and say “One minute, I’m going to run downstairs and see where you left your sense of humor!”

I don’t know where I would be in my life without my sense of humor.   I have learned to find humor in almost anything.  It is a coping mechanism, it is a light and airy twist to the toughest of times.    It used to be a person could be a complete jerk, but if he had a sense of humor, it was his redeeming quality.  I still laugh if a jerk is funny, but I’m not so quick to befriend him/her.  fake I sometimes think the more difficult experiences, the deeper our sense of humor grows.  This is a t-shirt my niece sent me while I was going through breast cancer.

My brother was the youngest of us five children and the only boy.   He walked into the house one day just as my sister, Karla, was explaining what a “front” was.   Honestly this girl should have been a weather reporter.   “It’s when the hot air hits the cold”…my brother walked in as she was explaining this to me and my youngest sister.  He says “Well, I just fronted then!”

I believe that to be able to laugh at another you must first be able to laugh at yourself, really laugh at yourself.   I am fairly adept at that now!  Sometimes when I’m driving or sitting in my car outside a store trying to talk myself into going in, I get to laughing at things.  I bet on more than one occasion a passerby thought I was nuts!   (No comment from the peanut gallery is necessary here!)  What is most interesting is that each of us have our own sense of humor.   monkey Some of you will not laugh at this, I think it’s hysterical!  You just have to take what you like and leave the rest! This picture was taken upstairs at the Vermont Country Store a couple years ago.  I assure you, all I did was snap a pic!

I remember one year teaching at HOOT (a decorative arts convention in Columbus Ohio).  I had a full class, 35 students I think.   I like to entertain my students in between instruction because first, I find most of us learn better in a relaxed environment, and second, it tends to keep their focus on whatever the joke or story is and fuss, worry less about their painting.   Well, I thought I was being particularly funny, and only one of two people would laugh.  A couple of minutes later there would be laughter in the room and I wanted in!  “Hey, what are you guys laughing at?”  “We just caught on to the joke you said five minutes ago!”    It has been suggested on numerous occasions that I do stand up comedy, but I couldn’t do that.   I am really good about beating myself up as it is, if I were to do comedy I wouldn’t want to target anyone but myself….  my therapist surely wouldn’t like it!

Off to give my Lilly some lovin!   That’s another thing, how humorous my animals are.   It’s fun to observe them.   Have good night, day, weekend, …..life in case I don’t see you again!  I hope today you have been able to enjoy a sixth sense…. “Humor!”

I  call this painting “Winter in New England”   imagesCAAAWH53