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Cds, cassettes, lps, dare i say 8track?


I was going to work on writing up and illustrating a painting lesson tonight, when I got side tracked on YouTube.  Now I have been on YouTube to find out how to fix my washing machine, break open a safe (hey, it was cool!) but I really haven’t been on it for music in almost a decade.  Wow!   Where does time go?

I was happy to find Bob Seger, because you can’t find his on Spotify.   And it brought back fond memories of my teens, and the music that spoke to me and played loudly while I cruised throughout the Town.

Yet further down the road, my 20’s, my 30’s, when my sister would come visit, she would snag a cd, leaving the cover empty, and for me to find later!     That girl had probably 12-15 of my cd’s including and not limited to:  Harry Chapin, Bob Seger, Tina Turner.     My favorite cd’s.

The other day I was going through my collection (long standing collector of music which started at the age of 15 when I bought my first pioneer receiver).  It cost about $600 then.  I’ve long since replaced them with Bose.     But what I found were the empty cd cases of the ones my sister had stolen.   And I say that lightly.    She could afford her own, she just liked to do this!   I shed a tear or two, because she died over a decade ago, and I held onto those cases because I never wanted to forget her, or any of her little tricks.    Believe me, I’ve learned that I need nothing in material form to remind me of what a beautiful, wonderful person she was.  I miss her every day.

I neatly placed the empty cd cases back on the shelves, because I just love to remember the funny things she did.   Like putting confetti in cards, and crazy little antics that made me laugh.

Life is short, Where did all this time go?   And where the hell did these wrinkles come from?   I still feel like I’m in my teens when I listen to music of the 70’s.    Grateful, very grateful for this form of art and the many artists who have touched me through their words, tunes.

I didn’t get my lesson plan done, but I sure did enjoy the cruise down memory lane!  Do yourself a favor.   Skip the dishes or chores tonight, visit YouTube and go listen to the songs of your youth.  I bet you’ll be glad you did!




Enough snow!


Well, a couple feet of snow fell on my lawn today.   I haven’t gone out, tomorrow.  I just opened the door, looked, and slammed it.  It is still snowing.   Yup!   Tomorrow it will be fun shoveling the car out of it.

Spent the day working on my first pet portrait.  By the time I went to bed last night I had the eyes, and that was enough to make me feel good.   I’ve never tried doing this before.  I have rarely, if ever, painted real animals.   Painting from a photograph that the details get blurred when you zoom it.

At least I can tell it’s a Corgi, and I think I’ve captured his big personality.  But fur?  That’s for another day.   I am learning from last weeks painting over tantrum to just leave it and relook at it in the morning.

I really don’t mind all the snow, as long as I don’t have to go out in it.  Thursday morning, I do.    That will depend on how they are doing tomorrow with snow removal.   There’s a shitload of snow to find a place for!

Had a very relaxing day, was one with myself, painting.  It was nice not to have to fight off the itty bitty shitty committee that resides in my head.  Well, a little.  But not totality.  That’s progress.

On this 14th day of March, I’m excited to think that winter is almost over.  It’s much easier to say that looking at the date then out the window.

Hope you had a great day!   Blessings!


Saturday night


It’s Saturday night.  I’ve been painting since 2 today.   Was so enthralled I forgot to eat.  Believe me, that doesn’t happen a lot!  Anyway, the brush is still flowing, and I’m looking at the clock knowing, I need to keep to a schedule.   This is one of those nights I could paint until 2-4am.  I know it.

Grateful that I have the abilities that I do.  They keep me entertained.  I have three major (once hobbies) that I do, and while I love each and every one of them, I know my life would be easier if I just chose one, and stuck to it.  But that’s not me.  Of course it isn’t!   🙂

I heard the weather in New England today called “Balmy”, twice.  You don’t hear that too often either.  It was in the 60’s.  February, 60’s.   I didn’t touch foot outside all day.   Nor have I gone to look in my cellar at how much flooding is happening.   I’m in a good mood, want to keep it!

Listening to music, and thinking about the times in my life that these songs were new, and what was happening then.   Oh how I love music.  I am confident I would be a miserable being if I didn’t have it in my life.  It’s my muse.

Happy Saturday night!  Hope you’re doing well, and if not… hold strong.  I speak from experience, it’s always darkest before the dawn.



Fifty Five


Yesterday I turned 55.  Wow.  A bigger wow is how old my parents and older siblings (:)) are.

Not where I expected to be at this age, but I’m not in a particularly bad way, so I’ll take it!

Things I have learned?  Too many to name, but a few worth sharing:

1.) If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

2.) Be true to yourself… it teaches others how to be true to you, too

3.) Life isn’t about material things, though they can entertain us and distract us from the hard times, and there will always be hard times.  It just changes.

4.) If you want to be happy, look to yourself to make this happen!

5.) Be grateful, humble, and know that it’s always darkest before the dawn.

6.) Diet soda  makes ya fat!

7.) Music, art, all very important for our sanity, peace. Otherwise, what are we fighting for?

8.) Always tell those important to you how you feel.  Everyone needs to feel loved, appreciated

That’s it for the night!  I’ve had a really nice relaxing day, filled with wishes.  I was fortunate enough to talk to my parents, as I’m fortunate to still have them here.

I don’t expect to set new records this new year.  But I do expect myself to always put my best foot forward, be kind to others, even those who think or feel differently than I do, and always look to make a difference in someone’s life, or day.





“Donna, have you listened to music today?”  My friend Shawn would ask me, when I was having a particularly hard day.  “When are you going to realize it’s your muse?”

This was about ten years ago now!   No!  I know I loved music, but I really had no idea how powerful it was to me.  But he was and is right!

One of my favorite “materialistic” items is, indeed my Bose Wave which I worked very hard to acquire.  I LOVE music.  And I like to listen to it and hear every instrument, every word uttered.   Even my computer speakers are Bose!   I want to hear MUSIC, damnit!

These days, free streaming is available and it’s just awesome how much music we have within our reach, easily, affordable.   If I am out and about and I hear or think about a song, I will note it in my “notes” on my phone, and when I then sit down again at the computer I look at the songs I wanted to add.  It’s amazing how many long forgotten songs you can come up with!

When I was in grade school, in a small town in New Hampshire, we had a Chinese music teacher.  Her name was Mrs Chang.   “Okay students, it’s time for moooosic lessons!”    It was one of my favorite parts of the school week!

I’m always amazed at how powerful music is to my soul.  Always.  Which makes me laugh.  Because that just means it gets better and better!     Driving down the road, listening to music, I can feel 18 again, or recall people, places in my life that have for whatever reason, disappeared.   It can reach within the aging skin, harshness of yesterdays, or todays, and find my buried spirit.   How about you?

At 15 I started working, and the first thing I bought with the money I made was a pioneer stereo.  Oh my god!   I thought I had died and gone to heaven!  Having like minded sisters and brother who equally loved music, and parents who introduced us to it, there were sometimes five stereos going at once.    I have a huge smile on my face right now, thinking about this.

My sister introduced us all to “CCR –  Creedance Clearwater Revival”.  Oh my dad didn’t like that music, but my mom did.   Every single one of us younger kids (three) spanning 10 year age difference was a fan of CCR.

I jumped in my mom’s car yesterday, and she had Bob Seger playing.  It brought back very fond memories for me.  He’s one artist I have found hard to find on feeds.  Anyway, I had every Bob Seger album, cassette (Thankfully I came into stereos when 8 tracks were going out!), and when then came out on CD, my sister would come and steal them, leaving the jackets of all, so I wouldn’t know it!    To this day I smile.  I love that we all had this connection.

Music…. my muse.   It can raise me up, and certain songs can drop me pretty low, if I allow my psyche to go there, so I don’t!   But I know what songs I can listen to if I need the added push to be able to cry.

I have heard a few times over the course of my life that if you are singing, you cannot be unhappy.   I don’t know about that, but I do know it can get me out of some dark places and instantaneously seat me in a better place, or in a creative place.   And when I get to singing, yeah, you know, I think it makes everything better.  It doesn’t take away problems but it surely adds spark and quality to my life!

I can get through anything with music on my side!   And I can easily spend an afternoon searching for music from my past online.  How quickly hours can go by when music is part of it, for me anyway.

What am I grateful for today?   Mooooosic!!!!!!!!!!!      Thank you, all artists!


Perseverance, persistance…


Today has been a relaxing day reading, resting, watching the tube.  Yesterday I went to Boston with friends to attend a Nerium Regional meeting, which was AWESOME!  Whether you are looking to change your finances, your life, or want to have fun with a great group of people, check out my website:   donnascully.nerium.com  (Has to be accessed from your top browser).   Anyway, I’m really happy with my choice, and really excited about joining this organization.  I’m meeting new friends, looking and feeling much better and least important to me at the moment (which shouldn’t be! LOL) is making moola.  If you want more information email me…  I think you’ll be happy you did!  Not an ordinary product, not an ordinary company, not an ordinary opportunity… psyched psyched psyched!

Anyway, the travel to Boston and back can be a bit long, but I was with two fun and crazy women so it went quicker and was a lot of fun.

I’m reading the book by the founder of Nerium “The Slight Edge”.  Excellent reading, learning, philosophy.  Can be used in all areas of your life.  You might want to check it out!

My thoughts today have been on change.  How exciting and at the same time scary it can be, but how necessary it is for growth.  I have said “Failure is not an option” for the majority of my life, but in The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson spoke about how failure is inevitable and it is a wonderful and powerful way to learn….. Okay, so I’m changing my motto to “perseverance, persistence will get me where I want to go!”

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be a scorcher here.  Oh sweet humidity, you make my body hurt and my hair frizz!  Grateful for air conditioning.

I’m working on a new blog, going outside of my comfort zone to do so… am excited about it and am now off to work on it some more!!!!!!   Have a good night! ♥

A handsome guy, a picnic… and a smile


Dating in your late 40’s can be interesting, not to mention 2010.  I have had some experiences that would curl your hair and may in fact make you look at your husband/partner as King! ha.

Last weekend, however I had a wonderful experience.  I had a date with this very handsome man who romantically took me on a picnic.  He not only planned the whole thing but scoped out the perfect place for such.  He brought blankets, delicious healthy food, wine, and a personality that was not only delightful but also… enchanting.

We both shared on our lives, we laughed, we kissed (he passed with flying colors there)… and he genuinely seemed interested in who I am, my thoughts, my feelings, and more.  When he asked pointed questions he looked into my eyes, he did not look away, he did not prod nor push but in a very kind, gentle manner sit quietly, patiently watching me, touching me, curious about me, as I him.   This is intimacy.  This is standing naked fully clothed allowing someone to see you for who you are, allowing someone to get to know you, flaws and all.   I have struggled with this type of intimacy most of my life.  On this day I did not struggle with this.   It felt like I had always known him.  I felt safe with him.  I felt curious about him.  I wanted more.  I was able to be myself, to open up my heart, to let go of my yesterdays and tomorrows and just be one in the moment with him, and it was incredible.  I felt a connection to him, to the opposite sex that I had not felt in years.

Our picnic lasted for about five hours.  Sitting in a field overlooking some picturesque mountains and farms in Shelburne Falls, MA.  The weather worked in harmony with the orchestra…. (was there music?… smiles).  It was an absolutely wonderful and unexpected surprise.  How nice to know there are single men out there who appreciate women and know how to treat them.  How encouraging and heartwarming it is to know that romance is still a possibility in my life… how absolutely chilling it was to be touched again, to have my hair caressed, my face touched, to be kissed passionately again.

Following this, while holding hands and sucking on chocolate tootsie roll pops, we took a beautiful walk in the woods to a wildlife sanctuary where all  you could hear were the sounds of the birds, the pitter patter of our feet, and an occasional squirrel or chipmunk rummaging in fallen leaves.

If this sounds too good to be true, it was!   This guy HAS to be a crossdresser or something! smiles.  At any rate, I wanted to share that chivalry IS alive and well… the lingering smile on my face is proof!