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February Musings….


Today’s lesson:  Exercise is not only healing but free! (I dislike gyms…)

Today’s gratitude:  I am grateful for this beautiful day, for my family, my friends…and my students.

Just back from a hike in in the woods with the dogs.   I got quite a workout today, breaking a foot or more of snow as we chugged along.  I was panting like a convict at an all female rodeo…

Thankfully the dogs are calm now.   They won’t be when I pull out the vacuum cleaner.  That is why I don’t pull it out often….. ;););)

I remember being described as “earthy” in the past.   Earthy, huh.   What exactly does that mean?   I love nature, I love animals, I love the outdoors, I love the woods…  but since I found Dansko I no longer buy birki’s!   Earthy…. I’ll take that.

This aging stuff is for the birds.  I have such good ideas when I’m out and about, now if I could only remember them!

I logged into facebook today and oddly on the right hand side there was a notification that “you have a message”.  So I clicked on it, thinking facebook changed their format again and it was “you have a message from a guy from Brattleboro”, next town over where I do all my shopping, banking…  In the town I live in I think there is more cows than residents, not that a cow isn’t a resident!    Anyway, if I wanted to find a date I’d go on match . com .  Thank you, but no thank you, facebook.

Does anyone else have issues buying triscuits, fig newtons, crackers, cookies?  My God there are 15 new flavors of each.  It’s hard to find the original!   I spent $40, and that was soup, milk, juice, oatmeal and a box of ginger snaps.   Unbelievable.   Good God I’m sounding like my mother!….Phew, just ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror…. not quite my mother yet!

Speaking of mirrors, yesterday I looked into an 8x magnifying mirror.   After coming too, I looked again and about crapped my pants.  My God… I have age spots!   I have wrinkles!     I have saggy skin!   When did all this happen?   As with all my efforts lately, I am trying to turn negative thoughts into positive so this is what I came up with.   It’s 8x…. so if you multiply that by my age, that is what I’ll look like when I’m 400 years old…..okay, now I can calm down.

I am slowly losing this weight again.  I feel so much better.  The hike in the woods today was easier, even trudging through the snow.  There is nothing like fresh cold air in my lungs, kissing my face.   Then I come home, get the dogs water, and say hello to John Boy, Maryellen…

There’s another storm a comin!    Old New England folk talk.   For years one of our local radio stations had this guy “Arlo Mudget” do a daily “80 years ago today…trivia.”   He spoke like a hillbilly.  It would annoy me, I would change the channel.  Well apparently the radio station has figured out that it is not flattering to Vermont or Vermonters, because now he speaks in his normal voice which is quite pleasant.    Did you ever see those commercials JCPenney’s put out a couple of years ago… SCREAMING on television?    They irritated me so much I boycotted them.  What the hell?

On my way home I took the back roads, running alongside a stream, brook.   It is here where I feel most comfortable.  It is here that I remember why I love Vermont, New England.   Winter’s are rough, but they surely are beautiful.   The partially iced over brook had a foot of snow on it, and in between those areas you could see the brown brown (purposely duplicated) water.   The pines, canopied over, had remnants of snow from the last storm.   The green foliage, pines is stunning against the pure white snow.   Of course it doesn’t look that way everywhere.  Particularly after I take my dogs for a hike in the woods… 🙂 🙂 🙂  No longer white snow!

Now I shall go about my day.  I’ve no idea what I will do, but I do know that if I don’t vacuum today the rugs will have Sophie’s hair forever embedded in them.    She is quite the love bug.   She likes you to “spoon” her when she sleeps.  It’s the cutest thing.   It actually is comforting.   This shepherd is the most vocal dog I have ever heard.   She is not yet comfortable riding in the car, she whines constantly.   I took my mom through McD’s and she barked so loud at the speaker they couldn’t hear my order.  Also when I turned on the radio she started to bark!   This needs to stop but quick.   Also any dog of mine will need to like or learn to like riding around.  I guess my jeep is my Harley.   It suits me.  I love my jeep.

Hope you are having a great day.  The sun is shining here, it’s quite beautiful out.  Definitely sunglasses required day.  The reflection off the snow is blinding.    Hey, maybe I need to surround the mirror in my bathroom with snow????

In lieu of today’s artwork I thought I’d post a picture that makes me smile……  Beautiful artwork, eh?imagesCAEY7ODR