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I’ve got chills… they’re multiplying


Today’s lesson:   Listen to my doctor next year when she suggests a flu shot

Today’s gratitude:  That I now have a stackable upstairs, easy access to the dryer

What started as a cold turned into flu like symptoms.   It’s been joyous…NOT!    I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping, and have been throwing blankets into the dryer, wrapping it around myself to try to get warm.  Obviously feverish, and my body feeling like I’ve ran an 80 mile marathon, I kept track of the animals in between napping.  The sound of the television in the background kept me entertained, though I rarely watched, just listened.   I have shared that I like the Investigate Discovery channel.     A couple nights ago listening to it I heard them advertise “House of Whores”….I’m thinking… well that is both interesting and disgusting.   What has come of this world to have such a television programmed named this and what would Investigate Discovery find in this?    I fall back to sleep.    This morning I was resting and watching the same.   “House of Horrors” was being advertised…. I just sat there shaking my head…. Oh!!!!!

Earlier this week, when I started with the chills, I went to lay on my couch and my oldest cat, female Maine coon cat, peed on a comforter that was on the couch.   I threw the comforter in the wash and took the cushion covers off the couch to wash “just in case”.   Lord knows I couldn’t smell anything.   Well, I decided to also clean the pillow covers to the down pillows that reside on the sofa for comfort.  When I took off the cover little down feathers flew everywhere.  Everywhere!   I said “screw it”, shoved the pillows in a garbage bag, not to throw away but to hopefully stop the release of feathers that my cats were having a field day with, until Sophie started bothering them.   As Sophie chased them, the feathers spread all around the room.   I was too tired to go and get the vacuum, all I wanted to do was lay on the couch which wasn’t happening.  With laundry in I went back to bed.  Upon returning downstairs a few hours later my living room now not only had feathers but bunches of batting from the cushions that Sophie chewed off, trying to fill her boredom.   I couldn’t believe it.   There she laid in the middle of the room on a sofa cushion which was standing on its side when I went to bed.    Fortunately she didn’t like how it tasted because she stopped on that one cushion.  Grateful the integrity of the cushions were not harmed, I fed them, went back to bed trying to convince myself that tomorrow would be better.  Such chaos.     While I have picked up most of the batting which looked like clumps of snow on my rug, the feathers still remain.  What a mess.   The cushion covers are still thrown over the shower curtain, a blanket is thrown over the couch, the pillows are still in the plastic bag.   When I exert myself my fever comes back.   Joy!

The bathroom cupboard clean out is still in process, and there is a dishpan of dishes that I keep going by thinking “I need to do these”.   I am continually cleaning my favorite mug, going back and forth between soup and chai tea.  Where the heck did the other dishes come from?

Tumbleweeds of dog hair in the corners of my house on the tile and hardwood floors remind me of why I used to call my Australian shepherd… Australian shedder.   This german shepherd is no different.   I pick up some here and there, again thinking “I need to vacuum”…  Yah, yah, I need, I need, I need.  I need to feel better!

“You’re sick an awful lot Donna”.  A person once asked me if I ever eat vegetables…  I just shake my head.  Yes, and yes.   No I did not have a flu shot, to my detriment.   Perhaps next year I’ll LISTEN to my doctor.   If anyone knows about my compromised immune system it is me!    It felt so good to be back outside hiking for a few minutes with the dogs, that has ceased with the house keeping.   Soon, I tell myself, soon I will be back in good health.  As annoying and inconvenient as these bouts of illness are, I still have it made compared to many.    I can live with this, bitch about it, but it isn’t going to kill me.   This is temporary, hopefully being bitchy is, too!

I have found that if I stay downstairs, crank the thermostat and have the gas fireplace going, the dogs fall fast asleep.   Ahhhh, peace!

When feeling up to it I designed jewelry, which was comical as the next day I would look at whatever it was I made and found humor in the comedy of errors….unmatched earrings, a necklace with one side 3″ longer than the other….  Good god, it’s funny.   Soon I will deliver the jewelry I have been working on to my sister-in-law and friend who is so kindly putting it online for me.    As of today beading is now on the back burner.  I picked up the paintbrush [two deadlines]  only to find more humor in my attempts at this medium……. I yi yi!

Now I shall go warm up some soup and sit in the chaos of my living room and watch ID channel, and advertisements for House of HORRORS!

“Summer at the Lake”


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Cold inside [head] and outside


Today’s lesson:   It pays to keep my house organized, go grocery shopping regularly because I am not caught short if I come down sick, but quick

Today’s gratitude:   Vick’s Vapo Steam, Vick’s Vapo Steam, Vick’s Vapo Steam

So, I dialed the number….  “Hello”….. “hello”……’hello?……”Hello”……”hello”….. “DONNA?”   “yes”…. “Oh my god you sound like a man!”  I gently reach down between my legs …. “Nope, still a woman!”

I’ve slept again all day, this time with the vaporizer blasting smelly stuff into the air.  What a difference that has made!   I’ll spare you the details from the salt water rinses and share with you the success I have had with Vick’s Steam stuff.    Seriously, good stuff.   I used to get the generic brand but no longer.  It is worth the extra dollar for this.

Even with the barrage of animals being chased up and over my bed from the mischievous Sophie, I was able to get some quality rest.   This dog has come into this house like a “hurricane a comin!”      In the past two days she has managed to open and eat the entire “Mega Mega pack” of cat treats, chewed the cord off my new computer (which was unplugged so I could clean the rug) and chomped on a cushion of my couch which I caught her instantly so there was little damage.  Still, I have waited 10 years for a new living room set.   Though used, you would never know it, and I love how comfortable it is and how it looks in the room.    Now she is treading on VERY thin ice!  The printer a friend bought me, which I have had absolutely no problems with it, and it has made my life/job so much easier.   I have yet to accept this one.    She also has managed to jump up and eat the cat food which is currently on the island because I just don’t know where else to feed them.  She knows how to open the cellar door and does so every few hours and runs around down there.  Not sure exactly what she’s doing but I’m about to find out as I make my way with this big head down to change the kitty litter.  May the force be with me!   She is certainly more work than I wanted, with that said I am not saying this isn’t good for me.  At the moment she is barking ferociously at who knows what.    I think she might have seen the squirrel that’s hanging around in the cellar/walls because the last trip down she went ballistic barking.  Maybe she’ll scare it right out of the place!

With the area rug in my art room still cropped up (it seems I’m cleaning it every day), I know if I can’t get over to get the crate soon, I will end up killing this dog.   I am, of course, a blow hard because I barely have enough energy to come down a flight of stairs to feed the little shits!

Not much to talk about today.  I have a lot of gratitude that I am safe from the cold, have a comfortable bed to rest in, and a vaporizer that I think I just may ask to marry!    Plenty of soup, animal food in the house, juice…for an unplanned cold it surely feels like I expected it given all the supplies on hand.   Gift!  Such a gift!

Well, I’m off to the cellar, wish me luck.   I’m almost afraid of what I will find down there but if I don’t get down there today my cats will disown me, or worse…

PS  Back from the cellar.    All I will say is her food intake is being cut IN HALF!

Stay healthy !   This cold’s a bitch!

Today’s Artwork:    “King of the barn!” Chicken

Old Man Winter


As I lay comfortable, cozied into my warm bed, Old Man Winter is whirling and whistling outside.   Blistering snow is slapping against my window.  My mind wanders to The Wizard of Oz… Will I wake up and say “I don’t think we’re in Vermont anymore, Brody!”

This is our first major snowstorm of the year here in New England.   There will be no bare ground showing tomorrow, it will be covered with glistening white crystals.  Oh how beautiful it will be to look at.  The first snowfall always is.   There is something very enticing, welcoming for me about being snuggled up inside while there is a blizzard going on outside.   Perhaps this is when I appreciate most the home I work so hard for.  How its walls and windows shield me from the wintry mix that Mother Nature is delivering to us tonight.  I appreciate its warmth, the comforts of its furnishings, the appliances, food that is inside of the refrigerator and stacked in the pantry.  Within the confines of my humble little abode, I am able to enjoy and appreciate the power of the storm, and feel safe while cozied up in my home.   I am blessed.  I know that not everyone is as fortunate as I am at this very moment.  

While the weatherman is predicting a foot of snow here, we never know how deep our walkways will be blanketed until it stops.  But one thing is for sure tonight…Tomorrow morning we will be waking up to a crapload of snow here in Southern Vermont.   The heavy strong winds will deceive us from how many inches really did fall.  No matter how many inches are on the ground, trapped in the trees, window sills and more, my dog will surely be excited to get back out in it!    We were out late tonight playing until I couldn’t take the cold anymore.   As I watched him run and jump around in it, roll on his back making doggy snow angels, it reminded me of growing up, being on school vacation and getting a crapload of snow.  It was SO cool!  Now I enjoy it until I have to shovel it!