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Tea? Chai yes!


My furry kids have been ANGELS the past couple of days.  I think they were aware of how overwhelmed I was feeling.   Yup, both little and big angels.  Nice break!   Thank you for the suggestions guys… I made notes and am heading to youtube!  ♥

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t socked in the mouth or face, therefore I am afraid I have a sinus infection.  My upper teeth hurt, my cheek feels like it was punched and I am tired…tired…tired.   Knowing that my thyroid is also out of whack, I am actually looking forward to seeing my doctor.  Okay, well not looking forward to, but certainly not dreading it.   I was going to go have bloodwork done today, but because of the snow, stayed home.  I have spent far too much time the past couple of days, sleeping.   You will know when I am feeling better as I will start to post today’s lesson, gratitude and artwork.  At the moment it just seems like too much work!

Yah, we got 4-6″ of snow today, and more is coming tomorrow.  Yep, February.   I don’t want to think about how many weeks we have left.  I am trying hard to stay positive and remind myself how beautiful it is.   That is fairly easy to do, just look out the window, but when I see the piles of snow, a couple feet of snow blanketed over my flower beds I wonder… will we ever see ground again?  Seriously sick of it.  Ready for mud!

I am off to go enjoy my cup of chai tea…ultra spice!   I foresee tomato soup in the near future [dinner]…  Have a good one!