Lately I’ve taken issue with the LACK OF accountability in this world.   On the not so serious side, but STILL none the less frustrating, I pay for overnight delivery at the post office.  It doesn’t make it.  I go back to the post office, and they’re looking at me like I have three heads.  “So what?”  Clearly, there was no money back guarantee.

And paint!   I’ve purchased six gallons of paint, and the most expensive one sucked!   It was awful, running off the walls.  I call the company, and I get a run around.  I email the company and I get a run around.   Finally I call again.    It’s guaranteed to cover in one coat, it doesn’t, and you’re blowing me off?    NOT!

Those are just  a couple examples that will tell you where my mind set is.  But what is truly bothering me tonight is the senseless death of the gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo.   I won’t even go there with how I feel about having animals in captivity.    I hate it.   But now a young gorilla is dead, was shot to save the life of a child.  Am I arguing that point?  No!   I DO wish they had tried the tranquilizer gun first, but from what I’m hearing, they did what they need to do to save the life of the child.   I’m not even disputing that.    Here is my issue with the whole thing.       WHO is going to be held accountable for this?

An innocent animal is dead.

I am sure the zoo is mourning.   I read an article where they interviewed the gorilla’s trainer, who was just broken hearted.  “A gentle giant”, he called him.    My heart hurt as I read this article.  If I can find it I will pin in here so you can read it.    I think you could call this man his “human parent”.

Is the Zoo responsible?    How many years had they had NO PROBLEMS, not one incident like this happening, and now, look at the reality.

I feel the parent or parents should be held accountable for this.    True, you cannot believe everything you read, but from what I understand this 3 year old had told his parent he was going to the water and was told NO.  But he ended up there!   And just how did he get through the “maze” (for lack of a better word), without his parent not knowing?

Yes, in a split second things can happen.  I rear ended a Lexus a couple of months ago.  It happened in a split second.  BUT I WAS RESPONSIBLE, held accountable.   Which I should have been.

No, I’m not a parent.  But I am one of five children, and my parents didn’t lose me or any of my siblings.

Whether you agree with me on this or not, I think we can all agree, this is a very sad situation.   The outcome is very sad.    And I will repeat what I said above and end this blog with “Who is going to be held accountable for this?”


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  1. I believe the child was probably nagging the parent about going into the water. I also feel the child does not know what the word NO really means. The child was also probably ignored by the parent(s) beacuse they were distracted on their cell phone. I am a parent my child was never lost and she is aware of what appropriate behavior is in public, and what the word NO means.

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