Grateful for hard work


In 90+ degree heat, I’m scraping hardwood floors, and stripping my stairs.   My house has been in renovation mode since October/November of last year.  The contractors are done, now it’s my own (and my 79 year old mother)’s blood, sweat and tears.   Every room is being prepped and painted, and the most exciting thing is a redo of my studio.  Hence, why I’m scraping years of paint off the floor there.  I have a GREAT idea for floor cover, but am not going to share it yet.  Pictures will be priceless and may (hopefully) inspire others to do the same.  Creativity is flying as I’m forced to do the mundane, leading up to what will be fun and finishing.

I’ve lived in this house for 28 years.  Much has changed, and the renovations included new windows, new roof, repair of ceilings on second floor that collapsed after the heavy snow we had in 2014-15.   Living out of boxes and bags these few months have been trying.  But… it couldn’t feel ANY BETTER when I get to unpack a room, or place a piece of furniture where I’ve wanted to place it (some for well over a year).  I pulled my good furniture downstairs when the ceilings collapsed because I didn’t want them destroyed.

So, with Spotify on my “Chosen” playlist, which is songs that have purpose, meaning from my life, the air conditioner blaring and fan blowing on me, I am excited today to be doing the mundane, because it’s one step closer to the creative mode.  And realistically, this is the last time my mother and I will be doing over my house together, and probably the last time I will do this, too.  I’ve been thinking about that a lot.   I’m taking joy (and a lot of inflammation meds) through this process.  At night, I collapse into the comfort of my bed, that is now free of the Taupe colored walls, refreshed with Tropical Breeze.

I’ve also noticed that this is helping with my lifelong battle with depression.  I’m choosing brighter colors, colors that make me smile, instead of colors that match the rug.  But have no fear, it is all coming together very nicely.   There is nothing quite like working hard, and reaping the rewards of such.   It’s so important that I do this, for MYSELF.

Whatever you are doing on this Memorial Weekend (if you are in the USA), I hope you take a few minutes to honor all our veterans, not just those who selflessly gave their lives for the very freedom we enjoy (and that which I fear is in jeopardy now).  To their families, who too, gave of their loved ones, and spent many years away from their family and friends to serve.

This still is the best country in the world to live in, and I for one am pretty proud of being an American.  I’m proud that I came from a line of veterans.   As a kid I remember pulling out my dads big bag filled with his sailor uniforms which we would dress up in.

God Bless the United States of America, Rest in Peace and “thank you” doesn’t come close to what we owe those who gave their lives.  Perhaps by doing something kind for someone else today, and each day, is a way to repay them.  Let’s make this world a better place.  Let’s do one thing this weekend, that will make the blood that was shed for our country, the losses that were and are felt, matter.




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