“Donna, have you listened to music today?”  My friend Shawn would ask me, when I was having a particularly hard day.  “When are you going to realize it’s your muse?”

This was about ten years ago now!   No!  I know I loved music, but I really had no idea how powerful it was to me.  But he was and is right!

One of my favorite “materialistic” items is, indeed my Bose Wave which I worked very hard to acquire.  I LOVE music.  And I like to listen to it and hear every instrument, every word uttered.   Even my computer speakers are Bose!   I want to hear MUSIC, damnit!

These days, free streaming is available and it’s just awesome how much music we have within our reach, easily, affordable.   If I am out and about and I hear or think about a song, I will note it in my “notes” on my phone, and when I then sit down again at the computer I look at the songs I wanted to add.  It’s amazing how many long forgotten songs you can come up with!

When I was in grade school, in a small town in New Hampshire, we had a Chinese music teacher.  Her name was Mrs Chang.   “Okay students, it’s time for moooosic lessons!”    It was one of my favorite parts of the school week!

I’m always amazed at how powerful music is to my soul.  Always.  Which makes me laugh.  Because that just means it gets better and better!     Driving down the road, listening to music, I can feel 18 again, or recall people, places in my life that have for whatever reason, disappeared.   It can reach within the aging skin, harshness of yesterdays, or todays, and find my buried spirit.   How about you?

At 15 I started working, and the first thing I bought with the money I made was a pioneer stereo.  Oh my god!   I thought I had died and gone to heaven!  Having like minded sisters and brother who equally loved music, and parents who introduced us to it, there were sometimes five stereos going at once.    I have a huge smile on my face right now, thinking about this.

My sister introduced us all to “CCR –  Creedance Clearwater Revival”.  Oh my dad didn’t like that music, but my mom did.   Every single one of us younger kids (three) spanning 10 year age difference was a fan of CCR.

I jumped in my mom’s car yesterday, and she had Bob Seger playing.  It brought back very fond memories for me.  He’s one artist I have found hard to find on feeds.  Anyway, I had every Bob Seger album, cassette (Thankfully I came into stereos when 8 tracks were going out!), and when then came out on CD, my sister would come and steal them, leaving the jackets of all, so I wouldn’t know it!    To this day I smile.  I love that we all had this connection.

Music…. my muse.   It can raise me up, and certain songs can drop me pretty low, if I allow my psyche to go there, so I don’t!   But I know what songs I can listen to if I need the added push to be able to cry.

I have heard a few times over the course of my life that if you are singing, you cannot be unhappy.   I don’t know about that, but I do know it can get me out of some dark places and instantaneously seat me in a better place, or in a creative place.   And when I get to singing, yeah, you know, I think it makes everything better.  It doesn’t take away problems but it surely adds spark and quality to my life!

I can get through anything with music on my side!   And I can easily spend an afternoon searching for music from my past online.  How quickly hours can go by when music is part of it, for me anyway.

What am I grateful for today?   Mooooosic!!!!!!!!!!!      Thank you, all artists!



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