Creative Conundrums


Last night (this morning) I once again faced the familiar conundrum that comes with creative flow for me.   Do I keep going?  Or do I go to bed, and do a hard start in the morning?  Not only was brush flowing, but ideas too.  I have fallen in love with DecoArt’s Tradition’s paints, the pigments are just gorgeous.    I was working on 7 new designs simultaneously.   Hey, it works for me.

So at 11:30 this morning I went to bed, had set my alarm for 2:30, but didn’t plug the phone in so it died and thus I slept away the 4th of July.   No regrets.  I’ve always slept better during the day than at night.    I just think with my history of depression and ability to isolate so well, it’s important that I stick to a schedule where I’m awake the same time as most.     Particularly now that I’m solo in the treatment department.

I have always had a different body clock than my family and friends.   It’s rather odd, but it is what it is.    I am looking around my house to evidence of yet another side effect of a creative flow.   What a hole!   I have dishes in the sink, laundry remains undone.   My saving grace this week in this department is having steam cleaned rugs til 2am the other morning.   Perhaps tomorrow I will start my day with an hour or cleaning.    I’m not going to say that too loud!

The creative flow can feel romantic.   The excitement about the connection, looking forward to the next time I can be at my painting with palette in hand.  Reminds me of the greatest love story I ever knew in my life.   It’s a high like no other, and had such intensity that my physical being could only withstand so long.   Our bodies aren’t designed to react or live  this way, but man does it feel good!  But I digress.

I have two giant boxes of various paints I need to unpack, but that coincides with revamping my art room/studio.   Last year I painstakingly made changes that allowed for just one room in my humble abode to house all my wool, paint supplies, beads, fabric, and journals.    But there isn’t enough room!    So I’ve been trying to once again, figure out how to set up my space, and possibly with an allowance to once again teach.

So many things to do, too little time to do them!

Hope you had a great 4th!!!!!!!

Today’s song:  Mazzy Star’s “Fade into you”


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  1. I can sleep most of the day away and stay up all night too. I think it comes from working evenings and overnights. The best is when your painting. I work days now, but I can fall right back in to the old ways. It can be exciting. Be well.

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