As we celebrate the 4th….


I painted until 5am this morning.  It felt SO good!   I have several pieces that I flip back and forth to.   I’m working on a patriotic piece that is stirring emotions.   I am pretty much a sap though, when it comes to our flag.   I love driving by those big car dealerships and they have the big old red, white and blue flying.    I have been known to shed a tear or two, thinking about all that goes behind our beautiful flag. I also came up with a sweet ornament you can paint for your favorite veteran. Sign up for my blog and I will email the instructions to you, free, next week.4thofjulyfree

Today is fourth of July.   Many of us will be going to friends or families for picnics, and for many a three day weekend has been awarded.  Enjoy!

But let us not forget those who gave of their time, limbs, life, sanity to fight for the very freedom we are celebrating today.  This holiday will not be a happy holiday for some.   I was surfing the net and saw a picture of a woman with her baby, on a blanket, in front of her husbands gravestone.  My God, my heart hurt.   God bless her and all of you who are out there feeling like you sacrificed all for our country.  The truth is, many did.   I cannot speak for the whole nation, but I would personally like to thank each and every veteran, and family of, for their service.   I know not what it is like to sacrifice so much for others.  You did this, not even knowing us.  You are my true heroes.  I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

In grade school I had a friend who was the youngest child of 11 children.  There was only one boy, and he fought and lost his life in Vietnam.   I remember my parents, the anguish when they heard this.   A poor family, monetary wise, but a very close loving family.   I was thinking about them today.

A couple months ago I started something new.   You know how you’re waiting for the 1 minute timer to be up on your microwave?  Well, instead of sitting there watching the timer I decided to use that minute or two to give thanks for all that I have.  The minute flies by, as I reel off those things that I am grateful for.

I’ve shared this in a blog or two before.   Two of my nephews spent many weekends and school vacations at my house.   I cherish these memories.  Every night at bedtime we did a “gratitude alphabet”.  We started we A and went through the entire alphabet listing something starting with that letter that we were grateful for.     I’m smiling as I think about some of the things they shared, and how one would pick on the other if they got the letter wrong.   It was tradition with us.    I hope they will remember this and smile.

So whatever you are doing tomorrow, this weekend, have a safe, fun weekend.  And offer a short prayer or thought to those who gave us the very freedom we celebrate.

I live in the best Nation in the world.  It certainly isn’t the country I grew up in, but I remind myself that many countries had fences to keep their citizens in, we have fences to keep others out.    I am a proud Americana, and a very big fan of the red, white and blue!

PS   Today’s music reference    –   Tom Petty “American Girl”


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  1. so glad you are doing well and still painting, you have so much talent Donna and it was a pleasure meeting you in Virginia, take care Penny Heflin

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