I’m a big girl now -Dylan


Today I drove to China Town, Boston to become a patient at Tufts Dental School.   My last trip down was a fiasco, forgot my wallet, etc., but this trip?  Pretty good!  As I walked around the markets, restaurants I thought of this Bob Dylan song from “Blood on the Tracks”.   http://spotify:track:4ukHl5HFRNARRnIWc4Oj83  Well, It’s “You’re a big girl now!”

Make no mistake, I’m a country girl.   I love the mountains, back roads, wild life, nature, but for today?     China Town Boston proved to be fun.   It will never make me want to live in a city…. EVER!    I feel most comfortable, safest nestled between and surrounded by mountains.   I think I always will.

On the trip home I had my front windows down and rock playing.   It was great.   I do not know where I would be without art, without music…. one in the same.     It was one of those rides where what bothered me in past, today was acknowledged, accepted.    A sense of acceptance for who I am, where I am.  A desire to just be.    Happy!  I would like to share that while on Beacon Street a convertible whizzed by me (opposite direction) and they were listening to…. ready?   Are you REALLY ready?   “The Archie’s!”.     I laughed, remembering a scene from a Sigourney Weaver movie where a serial killer left “The Archie’s” playing in a vw bug with one of their victims.  Hey,  If The Archie’s does it for them?  Good on you!  Have fun!   Sing to your hearts desire, and enjoy this beautiful day.  When I reached Vermont, like clockwork for me, I pulled over, admired the view and said to myself “My God, I live here!”    New England is beautiful.  Just beautiful.

I was thinking about my life today.  The journeys that I found myself on.   Certainly not all roses (which I’m allergic to) and whipped crème (which I love!).   It is the most difficult treks that have brought the most growth in me.    And thinking back on my career, going through breast cancer, traveling days after a surgery (or four), I did what I had to do to pay my bills, keep my house, and get through some pretty shitty times.    A phone call with a girlfriend from Newfoundland, Canada said to me “Those were the days.  I would pick up a Paintworks’ magazine looking for your latest design(s).   I sat in awe of that statement, and at the same time, shocked.    Could it be that the hardest time of my life, the time that I poured into my career, mostly out of need, could it be that these were my shining hours?   And then I smiled and reflected back on my accomplishments, milestones.    It was nice to be reminded of who I was, and perhaps still am, perhaps not.  Who knows?   And more importantly, who really cares?   It is who I am becoming that interests me most.

Great day.   Hope yours was too!      Hugz!


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