Shhhh, don’t talk so loud!


Yesterday I commented on a friend’s facebook post regarding ice to stop a migraine.   “I’m fortunate that ice works well for me on migraines”.   The minute I hit send I wish I hadn’t.   Consequences… This morning I woke up with a migraine that was a bit different than most of those I have.  This encompassed my entire head, including top.   I had every ice pack out of my freezer, and a makeshift one, it did nothing.   I took a medication, refreshened all the ice and debated whether to call someone, or rescue.   Thankfully, the third shift of ice that I had my entire head and neck packed in, relief came.   This is one of those times I wish I didn’t live alone, and then again, when I have a migraine, even a delightful chirp of a cricket can sound like firecrackers.  It is what it is.

Last night I brought some watermelon up to my friends who live behind me.   I have some great neighbors.  As I was trudging up I realized, I had missed (we had missed, neighbors dig this stuff too), the annual egg laying and hatching of this huge snapping turtle that waddles her way up to my yard.   The huge hole was dug, and there were many broken egg shells.  Bummer!   I have no desire to do get close to a snapping turtle.  Memories of my cousin, Danny, chasing us girls with a snapping turtle in his hands come flying back.  But I surely DO want to see what the little ones look like.

This morning when I walked the dog, and as I said earlier, a migraine, I could see something was different in Christmas tree of mine.  I know, not the official name, but I just wanted to remind me you that Christmas IS coming!  Slap me.   I was having a hard time focusing, so I walked up to it and there was a swarm of bees on one of the branches that was so heavy it was almost resting on the ground.  My neighbor is a beekeeper, and her hives are only 20-30 ft away, so I figured it was hers.   I came in and messaged her, then went into the icing process.  Come to find out, it wasn’t.    That swarm of bees had to be 18″ x 14″ around anyway, I would guess larger around.    It was kinda cool.   Did I tell you I’m allergic to bees?   I didn’t opt for pics.

So once again, as most people are asleep or heading to bed, I am just coming to life for the day.    I spent time this evening sketching, and started painting up some new designs.   The ideas are flowing and fast.  Perhaps this mornings migraine was an overload of activity that stems from being stagnant for too long prior.   I am grateful to be feeling creative once again.

Went out to get in the jeep and go to town for a creamie and saw that my friend had once again mowed my lawn.  This had been on today’s to do list.   It is such a nice feeling to know that others care, and lend a hand to help.   I really am grateful.

On the way into Town it appeared that Lilly (a terrier mix I rescued a few years ago), urgently needed to get out.  I pulled over, let her out, and wouldn’t you know it, a Canada Goose came at her, loud and obnoxious.   She liked it.   I remembered that there has been a pair of geese who every year have gosling’s (?) in this area.  That must have been what was going on.

It’s really nice to be surrounded with so much nature.  I really do love Vermont, New England.   I recall someone asking me once “Where do you get the inspirations for your paintings?” They particularly liked my landscapes.    I looked at them and smiled….  “Have you ever been to Vermont?”


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