Let me catch ya up!


This morning I posted on my facebook that I was ironing my sofa….   I really was!     Why?  Oh, it all begins so very long ago when I was conceived…. but I digress.     Bear with me as I bring you up to speed with the coming and goings of my life!

A couple of weeks ago my best girlfriend came from Omaha, NE to visit and help me with several projects, first and foremost winterizing an 70+ year old house in need of new windows, siding…. I’ll stop there as i don’t need to depress myself.

With 3 down days where I’m not confidant if we ever got out of our pj’s, the rest of the 7 days was spent working.    The list included but in no way completed:  plastic on the windows, winterizing air conditioners, putting away summer outdoor furniture and garden props, painting my kitchen cabinets, installing a cabinet in my living room to cover a hole in the wall that was necessary to get a stackable washer and dryer in, shifting of furniture, toting a very heavy old mantle upstairs and installing it in my bedroom with a small but very quaint space heater insert that makes me smile….  just a few of the many things that we accomplished.

Of course not much time can pass or projects started without my somehow hurting myself.    I’m smiling as I’m sitting here thinking about my girlfriend shaking her head on numerous occasions and saying “You make your life so difficult!”

The week before she came I ripped up carpet in my bedroom and the stairway.    I will never put in wall to wall carpet again.  Thought for 15 years it did serve both me and a barrage of animals well but it was time to go.     It took me all day to remove the tack strips on the stairs, so I ripped up the bedroom another day.    I hadn’t gotten to getting up the tack strips that are around the baseboard, nor the occasional staple here and there (well, more than occasional) which are safely covered in pieces of carpet padding.   There was one stair left untacked… the top stair and it was only the back of the step.

Who knows what we were working on one night when I went upstairs, barefoot of course, to grab something and in doing so “forgot” that I needed to step sideways on the top stair so as to avoid the tack stripe.  Well, it wasn’t pretty.    As soon as I felt it I felt the warmth of blood dripping down my foot.       I made it to the kitchen and grabbed a towel, “How bad did I do?”   Well, one would say I did very well.  An overachiever, I have an inch long gash from the down motion, and a fairly large puncture wound alongside this.    It hurt to put any pressure on it, but we had no time for injuries.      My girlfriend, who seems to roll her eyes at me often said “When was your last tetenus shot?”  Oh, a few decades ago.  “Aren’t you going to clean it out?”   “Yah, when I get to it”.    We found bandages at Walmart that had antibiotic creme built in, and added some padding.    For days I would find other dried spots of blood.

Now let’s move ahead to installing a cabinet that my talented neighbor built from various scrap pieces.  There has been a hole in my wall for two years.  “The door hasn’t come in” was my response to visitors comments.   So now I have my beloved jig saw out, I’m cutting pieces of trim and molding, shims.     Somehow I managed to lose 3 pencils in 10 minutes and ALSO wasn’t thinking and got the tip of my left index finger with the blade.  Oh it wasn’t bad, it didn’t need stitches but it did need to be cleaned out, pressure applied and a bandage for a few days.    Thankful I did not hurt myself on what potentially could have been MUCH more serious, I now sported bandages on my left foot, finger.    At least I kept to one side!

We installed indoor shutters on a few windows and somehow, when we did the kitchen window, I stood up and banged my head on a cabinet.   My girlfriend is at this point chatty cathy, (and bossy like my sister, Karla).  She didn’t “see” my latest blunder.    Well, I sported an egg on my head that could only come from seeing the galaxy of stars that I did.

Let’s move ahead two days after she leaves.    The majority of the time she was here I was very tired.  Well, yeah… when you get bossed around a lot and have a to do list as long as an 8 year old’s list for Santa.    I didn’t feel well, but hey…  the start of winter chill had settled in, and that typically plays havoc with my pain levels (fibromyalgia).  So I just figured that is what was going on.    I had a rash on my leg in a small area that I didn’t pay much attention to, but come time to tackle my list solo, I was hurting.    I don’t know how to explain the pain, the burning that settled in on my upper leg.   I don’t even want to think about it, as today is the first day that I’m starting to feel better in about a week.    SHINGLES!     As above, I’m not going to talk too much about this, but if you have had shingles you know, it just ain’t fun!

Yesterday we had our first major snow storm of the season here in New England.   A foot or so of heavy, wet snow blanketed earth, and took out power for hours.    I wasn’t concerned with heat as I have a gas fireplace which works nicely as backup to oil.     Well, I gathered candles and had them lit on the table beside my favorite seat in the living room.   It was relaxing, but I had to crochet.  Rarely can I sit with my hands idle.  Trust me, if I don’t take my ADD medication it ain’t pretty.      It was evident that the power wasn’t coming on any time soon so using my iphone flashlight, like Mrs. MacGyver, I got out and took my night time meds, went to put out the candles and there was one pillar that I had licked my two fingers to “snuff out” and realized…  Um, Donna?   Is that smart?  Is that making my life harder?  Take the added step and blow out the candle.  So I picked up the candle, not thinking about the pool of hot wax residing in it’s “belly”.  When I blew out the wick, an inch of wet hot wax spattered on my face, my hands, and I think on my couch, but it was too dark to see.       Sleep did not come so I decided to pick the now dried wax off my face and arm.   It was a very long sleepless night.   The quiet of the snow covered grounds was accentuated with snapping and sounds of branches in distress.   Several times I just sat up and looked out at the winter wonderland that appeared overnight.

Upon rising this morning I saw that the screen to both my cell phone and ipad TOO had a varietal of shapes, sizes of wax spatter.   Oh yeah, I forgot.    Well, I made my way over to the couch, to the spot of incident and saw that there was wax all over the place.    Oh a cowl that I had been crocheting, largely on the arm rest of the sofa, and other things not worthy of mentioning.  In short, it was a mess.    So after googling for help, I learned to take paper towel, put it down and put a hot iron on it.  The wax made its way into the paper towel.   So yes, I was essentially ironing my sofa.  It took a good hour to clean up the mess.  Just when I thought I was done I looked down at the hardwood floor.  Oh man!   We’re talking some major wax on that.   In my efforts to make my life easier I, as usual, made my life harder.

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.    Tonight I’m grateful I have no candles to blow out, but I do still have to make it to my bed around the staples and tack strips that still reside two weeks later… wish me luck!     Hey…. why haven’t I taken care of it yet?   Have you had shingles?    Oh, and as I took out my morning meds I saw this bright oval shaped pill tucked underneath a bowl on my island.  Well, um, it was last nights AMBIEN!

For the most part, I have felt like I would always live in Vermont.  I love New England, I really do.  But the older I get, the older winters get.  Predictions are we are in for one hell of a winter and based on last nights storm setting precedence of losing power… Southern living is looking better and better.    I’m too old and klutzy for this shit!

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!  🙂


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