Pull up your moosic chairs and ears….


imagesCA6645FTIn fifth grade we had a music teacher named “Mrs. Chang”.    A sweet Asian woman who would tell us to “get out your moosick books”….

Yesterday a facebook post taught me that a girlfriend of mine and I have the same favorite song!   It made me smile….  “Of course you love that song!”.     “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac.    Great minds, hearts think and feel alike, right?

Today I have been listening to music on Spotify.  I love that app.  As I am expanding my horizons, stepping out into the world again after many years of isolation, I feel the need to find new music that will reach deep within me.  I love the classics, songs of my past, but I also want to expand my horizons in this way, too.   Still, there are some songs that, for whatever reason, I needed to hear.

Music can raise me up higher than the clouds, or drop me as fast as a brick off the apex of a building, 22 stories up.  It gains momentum, speed, the rate of impact immeasurable.  So why, why, why would I do this to myself?

I’m not wallowing in my past, not today anyway.  But sometimes I listen to past music, read past journals which serve to sharpen my memory, remind me of places where I’ve been, places where I’m coming from, of lessons learned but long forgotten, or my very favorite,  replaying good, fun, wonderful movie clips of my yesteryears.   We all have certain songs that can drop us to our knees.  Or we’re driving in a car and we hear a song that echoes through our body projecting tears down our face.  It may be of beauty, it may be of pain, either way, it is indeed powerful.     My quest is to find new music that will one day remind me of my hear (get it? :)) and now.   I want to fall in love with an artists voice, lyrics that grab hold of not just my ear, but my heart.   I want to find the songs that God willing, I will listen back on 10-20 years from now and remember the strength, the courage I had to change my life.  It will serve to inspire me today, and remind me in later years.


images (19)When was the last time you listened to music of your past?  High school years?  Your 20’s? 30’s? 40’s?  Yeah, I know, some of you are so young you don’t even know who Harry Chapin, John Denver, Bob Dylan are!    What beat inspires you?  What song extends your arms into wings?  Have you listened to it lately?  I have a dear friend with whom his mother speaks to him from her place in heaven.   Typically when he needs to hear it, a song now long past that sometimes brings a smile to his face and sometimes tears running down his face, but nonetheless, the song is almighty powerful and meaningful for him.  “Sunshine, on my shoulders”.  -John Denver   I have now officially spent 4.5 hours sitting on my butt, listening to some of my favorite music expel through the bose and bring movement to my soul.    I gifted myself with this today!   How can enjoying any form of art be a waste of time???????

The music of the 70s makes my foot stomp and body move.  Music of the 80’s reminds me of time spent with my siblings, friends.  Music of the 90’s reminds me of an ending, and a fabulous new beginning in my life.  Imagine hearing one right after the other?  It would feel like being punched and then kissed at the same time!  HA!   The 2000’s were years that I existed.  I became a workaholic out of monetary and mental need.  I don’t really have many memories of music in this decade, and that is okay as I was given what I needed to get through all that I went through.  I am not unlike anyone else when in survival mode.  Breathing is not taken for granted, it is a forced action that took much effort, from a broken heart and all.

Now, I’m enjoying covers of songs that I love.  Overall they are filled more with music than voice, and still bring comfort and smiles, and yes, for some, sadness.  But I just don’t choose to listen to the songs that bring sadness.  I don’t have the energy to exert on the very things I cannot change.  Progress my friend, progress for me!

No matter the emotion, the decade, the artist, music is all-powerful.   I love seeing new blood and also inherited talent from a parental rock star!   We are all rock stars.  We are all-stars in our own world, so what have you don’t today to celebrate this in you?  In your loved ones?   I dare you to put on one of your favorite music, whether its rock, jazz, orchestra, instrumental, country, okay I’ll say it though I despise it… RAP… Whatever moves you…shake your butt, move around the house like Madonna, or Michael Jackson, or if you don’t know who they are, Pink?  Amy Winehouse?  Or fall back into your favorite easy chair, put your feet up and gift yourself with a few hours of tunes.     Have at it guys!   Let the music do what it does to you!!!!!   See what comes up for you!  Bet you if nothing else, you will smile!  And that?  That is pretty nice, isn’t it?

Rock on….. and now I shall leave you with the song that is doing it for me today!

Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising


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