Hey Sis….


July 10th is a very special day for my family.  This is the day that my sister, Darlene, was born.   The youngest daughter, and second youngest sibling.  Darlene would have turned 50 today.  (Can you hear me where you are, Dar?  You’re an old lady sis!)

My sister was full of life, full of energy, she worked hard and she played hard.  She loved the outdoors, season made no difference.  She had toys for every season.   Today is a beautiful day here.  The sun is shining, humidity is low, as I think about her and celebrate her life there couldn’t be a more perfect day of her choice than today.

We were waiting for the arrival of our cousins, who at the time, lived in Texas.  Every year they would come up and camp.  It was the best week out of the year.  She made this sign so that they would know our house.  (Comical)   As I sit here looking at this picture, with the hammer in her hand, I smile broadly.   She was such a cute kid and she was always “busy”.

darlene3 001As I drove down the back road this morning, taking time to stop and look at the rolling brook, my sister’s essence surrounded me.  She loved to fish from a very early age.  She was my dad’s bud.   I was thinking about how nice it was to grow up in the country, to be near water.   She was drawn to water and lived on Lake Winnipesaukee, in Wolfeboro New Hampshire.  She lived right on the lake, and resided there for the last couple of decades of her life.    She worked full time, went to school to earn her degree(s) at night.   She was amazing woman.  The first in our family to earn a college degree, I remember how proud I was of her the day of her graduation.  She?darlene3  Couldn’t wait to get home, to jump into her boat and get out on the lake.  In this picture she is standing on the dock next to her boat.   She was proud of herself too, rightfully so!   Always giving credit to those who helped her get there, in this case, her partner who helped with the tuition and bills while she worked diligently on her degree in Criminal Justice!  She was one smart cookie.  It’s been eleven years since she took her last breath.  She died at the very young age of 38, ovarian cancer.  It was probably the worst time in my families life, and certainly mine.  A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about her, talk to her.  She was my confidant, my encourager.  She was an awesome beautiful person!

dartheatheletedarlene2Kind, Intelligent, Driven, Comical, Athletic, Honest, Trustworthy, Faithful, Generous, and a whole lot of other things!  She was my kid sister and I love(d) her very much. While enjoying the brook with all five senses, I thought about the best weekend in my life.  It was spent with both my sister Karla, Darlene and my niece, Kelly.   It was a weekend I will never forget and always cherish.

I thought about the best New Year’s Eve celebration of my life.   I had invitations here and there, came home to get dressed to go out and decided to stay with my brother and sister instead.  We had a wonderful night.   Listening to Casey Kasem’s countdown for the year, calling into the local radio station to win prizes, which we did well!   It was my favorite New Year’s Eve of my life.  I hold this, too, close in my heart.darlene5

I read and hear all the time that it isn’t about how long you live, but what you do with the time you are alive, how well you live.   Darlene lived well.  Always willing to help another, to pick up another’s shift so they could spend time on holidays with their children.   The relationship that the three of us sisters had was the best ever.   My sister will call me “Hey sis”… and I smile.  Sometimes it brings a tear to my eye as that is how Darlene addressed me on every phone call.  “Hey sis!”  I love my siblings, I love my memories, I love talking about them and having them be a large part of my life.  How fortunate I have and am to have such amazing siblings in my life.  Still, with all that, I am my parents favorite!  :):):)  Happy Birthday Darlene, um Happy 50th Darlene.  There is no doubt in my mind that you will be celebrating this in style today, as there is no doubt in my mind where you are.   We miss you, we will always love you, and celebrate you, your life on this beautiful day! ♥♥♥

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