Step…. A step is not permanancy but a means to get where we want and need to go.


You know the kind….  a childhood friend that you see in the grocery store, she whips out a LONG accordion full of pictures of her children, pets, grandchildren, garden….   Well, while I have been overly excited about a business opportunity, not to mention a kick butt product, I have NOT exposed every person I meet with an accordion of before and after pics, but I surely have scared some people off with my enthusiasm.     I am getting a handle on it now.   Sort of “You can bring them to water but not make them drink”.     One would think I would have learned my lesson with what seems like my life long quest to “rescue” an alcoholic from himself.    I find myself humbled once again…. I know not what is best for another….  Leave that to them!

Deep sighs.    I have to some how harness this excitement to build my own business, not try to show another the opportunity.    That’s me though.  When I see something that I know can help others, can quite possibly change their lives, in positive form, I want to help.   I want to share it with others I care about.  Well, I’m having to step back, sort of like what is stated in 12 step groups.  It’s a program of attraction, not promotion.    Okay, Okay, regroup, I can do this.    And I’m going to!   It’s not easy reframing from the overwhelming feelings of excitement I feel, from that which I have seen, experienced.    I’m EXCITED!    Still, unless I want people to dodge me, running in the opposite direction as me in grocery store aisles, walmart departments, I guess I’m going to need to change my approach.    🙂

So with the help of a friend I’ve been working towards placing Sophie, the german shepherd I rescued, in GSD Rescue.   This hasn’t been without tears, without sadness.     I knew when I took her in that if my only reason to take her was to get her into a healthier situation, even temporary, this is what I needed to do.   Six months later my heart and pocket book are at odds, and for the benefit of all, she can and should be placed with someone who has the means to give her the healthcare she needs and deserves.    My friend said “This isn’t failure, this is a success story.  You were her “step” to a good life”.   I am holding that close to me.    I love this dog.   As much as she is a pain in the ass, she is a very sweet, lovable, funny dog who will make someone a wonderful loyal companion.     I think about it like this.  If I had a child that needed a life saving surgery and I couldn’t afford it, but there was another family who could, and wanted to give that to her… isn’t it in the child’s best interest to get them into a good situation where they can have their needs met?   Wouldn’t it be selfish of me to keep her, diminishing her chance of health, for my own desires?   I have both learned and lived about heartbreak.   It’s inevitable at times.   But the opportunity that is being given is one that I am so very grateful for.  Breed specific rescue.   These people, no matter what the breed, are passionate about what they do.   Sophie will be given the best chance at life when I place her in their hands.   Won’t be easy, not only for me but the other furries, but it is out of love for her that I am doing this.    Remind me of this when the day comes that she goes to live with someone else and a new roll of toilet paper is no where near long enough to dry my tears!

So, I’m off to take a nap.  Have been sick for a couple three days with cold like symptoms.    I’m going to go veg out on the couch and watch training videos on my NEW BIZ!

What if?   What if?    What if you, too, were handed the vehicle to grow, succeed, change your life???????????    Exciting!  Now, pulling my enthusiasm back in before I swat a few more people over the head with it.    :):):)

Sending out loving and healing through to Joan Lundon, on her battle with breast cancer….



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