How do you share an opportunity of a lifetime with someone when you are so excited your presentation alone will scare them off?

I am crazy excited.   I am looking younger, feeling younger and taking charge of my own destiny!     My friends are looking at me like “Are you doing drugs?”   Um NO.   I’m very excited and want to share this with others.    For the past year I’ve dared to dream again.  I have hope and am running with it that my life could and will be so much better.  Having fun, looking youthful, earning moola.   PSYCHED!

For the past decade I have been struggling financially.  I know I’m not alone.   I would work 12 hour days, travel, flop into bed and wake up in the morning doing the same thing over and over.  My down time was spent crying, questioning my existence.  Yep, I was one gloomy girl.     Having hope is WONDERFUL!     Being excited about my life and the potential of it is WONDERFUL!   I want to share this with everybody because I believe they, too, can change their lives….all for the better.   

Don’t you deserve to at least look into it?    🙂 🙂 🙂    Now I shall stop my blabbing about this, well, for now.

My life is changing.  I am healing.   I am so grateful to be in the place I am, as it’s new, someplace I’ve never been.   It hasn’t been easy getting here, quite the contrary but the old adage “Anything worth having … dot dot dot!”    What if?   What if I could turn my life around?  What if I can be financially secure, my art can become my art, my passion without deadlines and traveling like a maniac to meet my bills? You know what?  I’m the only one who can do this and I’ve fallen into an opportunity that the potential is unlimited….   I’m doing it!!!!!!!!!!! WOHOOOOOOO…….

Tomorrow I’m off to Boston for my biannual oncology visit.    5 months cancer free and planning on continuing this road STRONG!

LAUNCHING IN Canada this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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