It comes down to this?


Yesterday while driving home I could see a rescue vehicle coming towards me, in the opposite direction I was traveling.  I pulled over and stopped.   It’s not only the law but the right thing to do.   I held my breath as I looked in my rear view mirror.  There was a line of cars behind me.  How many would not pull over?  How many would speed by me in excitement of ‘getting ahead’.   To my satisfaction and surprise every car behind me also pulled over and stopped.   I sat watching this, teary eyed.   First off, I’m a sap and I have been extremely sensitive the past couple of weeks.  Also, I found it moving.  It reminded me of being at a funeral and how you stand in respect, watching the casket be loaded into the hurse.   It is showing great respect, acknowledge of, a tribute to the person whom has passed.   This rescue vehicle was answering a call to someone in need, someone in trouble.   Everyone who pulled over and stopped was paying tribute to, and respectful to whomever it was that was in need, and their family.

A couple of years ago I was on Long Island with friends.   It was a Friday night, we were heading out to eat.   Behind us were blaring red lights and sirens.   My friend who was driving did as he was supposed to.  He pulled over, stopped.  The cars that were behind us and in front of us did not.   I was watching this in shock.  Really?    The rescue vehicle went up on the median and was trying to make his way through the intersection.  These cars could have cleared a way for it, but they did not.  I was disgusted.  What if that were their wife? daughter? father?  family member?   There is a word for them but I’m trying not to swear as much as I do…. May the force be with me!

For the past week my mom and I have been cleaning out my uncles apartment.  He was a tidy meticulous man who had order in all areas of his life.   That was the easy part.   But the stuff that man had was unbelievable!  8 days of sorting, bringing stuff to the hospice thrift shop, taking home a few things we wanted in remembrance.  Today we finished it up.  Hallelujah!    I still have some odds and ends to unpack from the jeep, but I am absolutely thrilled this chore is behind us.     

We found 6 electric shavers, 12 pairs of sunglasses (including womens), 14 clocks including a couple right out of the 60’s and 70’s.  When he replaced something he would not part with the old.   It was funny, actually.  He also had been on a spending spree because we found a lot of new things.  Hey, good for him!  He started to spend money on himself!  This is a man who could squeeze poop out of a buffalo nickel!   The first couple of days I was sad, upset.  Is this what it comes down to?  Your family cleaning out your earthly possessions?  Obviously we can’t take anything with us, so why do many place importance on material things?   I took a few things, a couple clocks which were worth little but they will serve to remind me of my Uncle daily.   My mom took her mothers dresser, solid oak, and a few pictures that had been her mothers.  We found pictures of us here and there, he still had a painting I did for him, and a Christmas wreath which he had stored ever so carefully. Also was surprised and pleased that we found the book I had authored in 2003. Sweet!

As nice as it was to find unique things, it was always difficult for my mother.    I did my best to ignore the bossiness, the short comments that at one point in my life would have hurt.  I felt the need to stand up for myself a couple of times, in which she realized she was out of line.    She is relieved that this part of Hank’s death is behind us.   We still have the burial and there is still things pertaining to probate.

My mind and body are tired.   I was about over this two days ago.  I wanted it to be done.  Sort of like when you are leaving a job for a new one and you have the 2 weeks notice to work through.   That’s hard.  You just want it over with to start anew.

As I bid farewell to the sweet apartment, nestled by a beautiful and sometimes treacherous brook which housed my Uncle for the last 20 years of his life, I smiled. Someone else will be moving in, starting a new life there. It’s a sweet apartment, I’m sure they will enjoy it there. Well, the day is still young and the sun is calling me outdoors.    Hope you are having a great day, and I hope you, too, are enjoying beautiful weather. ♥


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