The wonderful world of Donna….


Heavy rain, high winds and a german shepherd that wouldn’t do her business but stood out there (with of course moia) with her nose in the air for 15 minutes.  Drenched, I brought her in, would not feed her until she did, so back out in the rain, this time only 10 minutes.    She’s on a leash now because I have neighbors whose pit bull attacked my dogs, 2 feet from my back step and they’ve been ticked off at me ever since I reported them, so they reported her pooping in their yard.    Hell, if I could get away with it, I would!   The winds are so strong I saw Toto flying by in a basket.

Spent yesterday finalizing taxes.  Realized this morning that one of the cats vomited on them so back to the computer and squeaked by on ink for the printer.  Everything happens for a reason, I guess I wasn’t supposed to have enough ink to write a letter to the Board of Health letting them know how filthy my house is at the moment!

Another cat who jumped up on the table I was working at, knocking neatly stacked piles of pattern packets, bills, and more.   One of the bills miraculously fell into the waste basket so I left it.  Everything happens for a reason, right?

A sink full of freshly drawn water, bleach, dish detergent, allowing the 3 days of crust to loosen up for cleaning, and three bottles of prescriptions fell into that.  Fortunately I was right there, pulled them out before much damage was done.

The oldest (geriatric) cat’s loud howl every time I go into the kitchen (which I forget what I went in there for) because she “forgot” that I fed her an hour before.

The little terrier has been the best behaved, laying in “her chair” just watching the circus around her.  God bless her.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to the humane society before they close to see if they have 2 more dogs (preferably humungous sized) that I can adopt, now that the German Shepherd (whom I believed was fixed) is out of heat.

Everything happens for a reason, right?  How is your day going?  And now?  a missing purse….

PS  Yesterday I found a tick embedded in the back of my head.  If it were a brain sucker it would have starved.   Dousing that with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.  I wasn’t even in the woods, I was sitting outdoors for a short bit of time.    fUN!




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