Beyond frustrated


Two nights ago my oldest cat, Jennifur peed on the bed.  Fortunately I caught it early so it didn’t get to the mattress, though I cleaned it like it did.   A night of laundry and on the couch, I caught up on my sleep today.   When I went up to make the bed last night another cat had vomited on the bed so back to laundry and more cleaning.

Sophie has been doing very good except today she has reverted back to peeing and pooping in the house.  I can’t take it.  This gives the little dog “permission” to do so.    I am not the neatest housekeeper in the world but I do not want a house that smells like a frigan animal shelter.  Actually, that would probably smell better.

I go grocery shopping today.  Lilly goes everywhere with me unless I’m going out of Town, then she’s with her gramma.   She loves to ride and go for rides.  Sophie, on the other hand, will not sit, is all over, whimpering, crying, needing reinforcement I guess, I don’t know.   She falls over on me because frankly, that is how I drive.    I have decided that she will now be in the back seat , I will put the console lid up so she can’t get over into the front and Lilly Wonka will graduate into the front.

Today I am seriously thinking about placing her elsewhere.  Today I am feeling resentment, and I know that is clearly a sign that it’s time to make drastic changes.  It isn’t fair to me, and it’s not fair to her.

I have not had dog hair all over my house in a year, since Brody died.    I am trying to simplify my life not make it more complicated.   She is work, major work.

She is a great dog, she is smart, typically very well behaved with the exception of a few things, but she follows me around the house to the point where she runs into me if I stop quick.

Yes, today I’m a bitch.  I am overwhelmed.   I have done right by her, her fur is growing back, she has good food (thanks to my girlfriend) and I have put her on coconut oil and such.  Every night I apply bag balm on her to help with the itching and dermatitis that exists separate from the patches of missing hair.  I have her ears to a point where I can rub them without her crying.   I need to work on the inside, which I am, obviously nervous about.  If she moves the wrong direction I could hurt her but they are a mess.

Is this normal?   Is this normal to feel overwhelmed with a new dog?    Lilly just fit in like a glove, absolutely no adjustments whatsoever.

I have yet to “fall in love with her”.   I am not sure if that is my protecting my heart or if this isn’t a good fit.   It’s been over a month.  She has made great strides in getting healthy.  Lilly is just beginning to get along with her.   What do I do?

If I do decide to place her elsewhere, I will only place her with someone who knows and loves the breed.   This german shepherd deserves the best home possible, I’m just not sure if that is with me.

I know it’s always darkest  before the dawn.  I know I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling less frustrated.  And as I have Dylan blasting… I am slowly calming down.   The good news is, I’m storm cleaning….. 🙂

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a ton of dog hair to vacuum up.   Thanks for letting me bitch!


ps Every single woman needs five animals!    Rolling my eyes


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  1. Dog training is like raising a child. I don’t care what anybody says. It’s a great deal of work. It’s never over. I have a black lab. I got him when he was a pup. He really didn’t have health issues or any behavior problems. The 2 old lady felines have hated him since he moved in and that was 4 yrs. ago. They will never change. I’m very lucky that he is smart and after getting his face ripped off he leaves the cats alone. I found the dog training book by Ceasar Mian very helpful and have since recommended it to a co-worker who has recently adopted a dog. Maybe that will help. It sounds like the poor thing has health issues as well. Keep at it, maybe things will start to turn around. I hate the cat puke on the bed! It really pisses me off too. I guess that is all a part of having them. I bought cheap bedspreads and extra sheets. I don’t think I’ve ever had a beautiful bedroom like you see in the magazines, but I have always had a cat! Good luck and buy detergent when your at the store!

  2. Hang in there with her Donna.. She has had a rough start to life and is only just learning how to be a member of a family. Our 3 year old retriever we adopted last December didn’t really start to settle until around the 9 month mark .. And that was only after I had watched every Cesar Milan episode available on u tube. Winter doesn’t help.. She needs daily walks to build her confidence and learn to live by your commands. Exercise discipline and then love.. That’s what Cesar recommends and I have to tell you he is right! When we adopt shelter dogs or homeless dogs that are scared and insecure we naturally give them lots of affection because we feel sorry for them. But if they are anxious and we give them love then we reinforce the anxiety. I’ve applied all of Cesar’s teachings to my beautiful boy here and now 12 months later he is a beautifully balanced dog. At 18 months she’s still such a baby. You have been surrounded by elderly pets for such a long time it’s a shock when you get one that’s got some juvenile behavioir going on. She has a good home with you. Once she settles you will wonder how you ever thought you could part with her. Xx

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