There’s a reason we have two eyes, ears and one mouth!


Today’s lesson:   Look before I jump to conclusions

Today’s gratitude:  My paintbrush is flowing nicely

So, yesterday I ran into Walmart.   That place drives me crazy.  Anyway on my list was D3 vitamins.   My oncologist says every woman should be on 2000u of these daily.  I ran out a few days before so I had to get them.   I look at the price, I couldn’t believe it.  It was almost double than I usually pay… I’m cussing….  Well, what am I going to do?  I need them.    On my way home I’m still cussing and moaning…. “Why the hell are they so expensive now?  How the hell am I going to live when prices on things keep going up and up…for that price they should be in chewable candy form!”         I get home, forget about it, found something else to complain about….Before bed I take meds, including my vitamins.  I open them up, they aren’t flying out like normal.   Oh, and I always get upset that they pack 1/8 of the bottle with vitamins and the majority of the rest with cotton…    So, now I’m cussing again… what the hell?  Why aren’t the vitamins coming out?  I turn on the light and look…. they are gummy bear vitamins!!!!!    Whoopsie…..better research before I bitch!

When unpacking my groceries today I couldn’t find the dog bones I bought.   Good grief, what the hell?   Why can’t I go to the store, pick up my stuff, come home with all of it?   Cussing at the cashier for not giving it to me.   It’s like driving through a fast food and they either give me cold food or I’m missing some important element.     I’ve learned that no matter how many cars are behind me, I check everything right there before I drive off….    So, this afternoon I took the dogs for a hike in the woods and when we got back I remembered a package I got in the mail today, it’s in my car with todays other mail.   I open up the door and there, right before my eyes, were the dog bones.  They fell down the passenger side and was ajar between the seat and the door.    Whoopsie….better research before I bitch!

Other than my own feisty thoughts I have had a nice couple of days.  Painting, painting, painting!   Tomorrow I have an important deadline.  I’ll be up all night tonight.  Why do I do this to myself?   Well, why do I choose junk food over fruit?  Because I’m an idiot!

And now that my frosty cup is empty, I shall return to my painting nook.  When I sit down I will close my eyes and ask source to flow through me, through my heart, out my hand…..   ♥♥♥

Today’s artwork:  “Primitive Snowman”primitivesnowman


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