Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow


Today’s lesson:   Routines are grounding for me.  It’s a good thing!

Today’s Gratitude:   That I don’t have to go out in this storm

In lieu of this big old storm, I wrote the first paragraph in white!   Wasn’t that a great opening?  Because we are in the middle of a “winter storm warning”, and have gotten a foot so far and it’s still coming…. I have a one day reprieve on the deadline I’ve been working for.   Yippee!   I like when it snows because it’s warmer, it has to warm up some to snow.

This year I made it to February until the snow plow took out my mail box…. Every year…..     I see these people who board up theirs, some even put springs on theirs.   So far the mail box is still in tact but it’s hanging off the post… Will go get it later.

The snow really is beautiful.  Having to move my jeep [for the snowplow] I went around the block with the dogs.   I love seeing fresh snow.  It is so clean, and quiets the earth.   Cars do not sound as loud, nothing does.  It’s serene.   Shoveling, not so much!  It’s a reminder for me to make quiet reflective time for myself available more often.   We all need quiet time.  We all need our alone time… today is mine.

In the quiet of the morning when I was painting I sat smiling.   There is no phone ringing, no one knocking at my door, I am one with the furries and it is so peaceful.   I have found myself in a routine in the morning which makes me feel good.   Probably sounds miniscule but trust me, my chaotic mind made that impossible.  So grateful my a-d-d meds are working.  So very grateful.

Only two months to go until Spring!  Though I shall never forget the snowstorm we had in April 1977.  I think we got a two to three feet.  We were without power for days, schools were cancelled, the world stopped.    So, until the end of April, I walk lightly and keep my boots accessible.

I hope you are having a good day, and if participating in this snow storm, that you are safe.   I appreciate our police and firemen who are out and about to protect and serve us in rain, sleet or snow.  Thank you!  ♥

Today’s artwork:  “The old shed”Image 


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  1. The snow does quite the earth. I think of it as an insulator, here in NJ, my daffodil bulbs are starting to come up, the snow covers them from the harsh winds coming off the back field. Taking the dog out at night is also peaceful for me. It is a different quite and a beauty that you can only behold in winter.

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