The bathroom cupboard abyss


Today’s Lesson:   Empty out my bathroom cupboards before buying ANYTHING else

Today’s Gratitude:   Peace, calm, a few moments of solitude and bliss.  Thank you marrow bones!

There is no way around it, I am going to have to bring Sophie to the vet this week.  Was hoping to save some money that I don’t have!  Anyway, her skin is so chaffed and sore where she keeps itching it.  Last night I thought I was going to pass out when she came in from the other room and had blood in the center of her head.   I took a cold compress and held it there, she let me, then focused on my own breathing!    Her ears are so dry it hurts me to look at them.   So why am I sharing all of this?  I digress.   I went looking for the cortisone crème in my bathroom tower.    I’ve been in there for a half an hour throwing things out.  My goodness, it has everything in there with the exception of the Trojan Twister which I’ve been getting daily emails advertising such.   Where did they get my email address?

I found a pair of silpada earrings that I’ve been in search for for several months.   I thought of John Denver’s “This old guitar” song about finding his first guitar given to him from his grandmother, a sentimental song as I pulled out from the abyss my oldest and favorite hair brush.   In fact, I held it up like a microphone and sang “This old hair brush taught me to unsnarl my hair….”   How sentimental, ahhh happiness.  Then I pulled out two relatively new hair brushes that I had bought to replace the old one I couldn’t find.   These hurt my head so I won’t be keeping these and they are in too good of shape (like new) to toss.  Maybe one of my friends has a thick enough scalp that they won’t mind the pointed painful spikes that  not only brush your hair smooth, but leave a rake mark across your head!  There were 8 tubes of Vaseline intensive care lotion, 2 St Ives scrub, 2 hair picks, a small tube of something that was suggested to put lightly in her ears… S C O R E !, some anti itch crème which I put on her.  She just stands there and lets me do it.  Her eyes tell a million stories and she is no doubt, thrilled that I am trying to help her.  At least 50 various sized emery boards, 8 nail polishes, a multitude of triple antibiotic ointment, gauze pads, swabs, and more from home health care after a couple complications from surgeries for breast cancer.   5 mascaras (some so old they wouldn’t open), Mary Kay eye shadow that is at least 15 years old, Sun tan lotion that has my nephews name on it, that has got to be 15 years old as well.   Sample shampoos, moisturizers and soap from the many hotels I’ve stayed at over the years (my mother collects them, but apparently I forgot to give her a zillion of them)     In short I found everything but the kitchen sink and the cortisone crème and Benadryl!  I have two Walmart bags full of trash, and I took a break to enjoy the quiet that has happened upon my house.

Since putting the anti itch crème on her Sophie is running around like a wild woman!   There is something in the crème to soothe and apparently it is giving her relief, thank God.   Tomorrow I’ll decide what vet to call and get her in this week.   I’m sure I will come home with several medications and I’m sure they will do a skin scale to determine if there is more going on than allergies.   I am not sure if this dog is for me.   Brody was relatively maintenance free, well with the exception of 5 Kenmore vacuum cleaner bags a month.  Now I have a vacuum that you empty out, it doesn’t use bags….   A very good thing given the expense of the bags!

I think I’ll go and do some work before I venture back into the unexpected bathroom project.   Rubbish day is only 4 days away, I still have time!  It’s relatively quiet at the moment, having given the dogs each authentic smelly marrow bones.   Extraordinarily peaceful right now!   Going to go take advantage of it.

It’s 3:00pm, do you know what’s in your bathroom cupboards??????

Today’s Artwork:  “Cheryl’s Kitchen” cherylsfront


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