And the beats goes on….


Today’s Lesson:   Practice, patience, practice patience, practice patience….eventually rears progress!

Today’s Gratitude:   That Miss Sophie did her business outside and is obviously trainable.   Smart dog!

Hallelujah!   Sophie didn’t poop or pee in the house!   I got up with them at 7, brought them out, fed Sophie so she is not obnoxious while I try to catch a couple more hours of sleep.    Yesterday I found out some crucial information that I think is going to help this house of ill repute!   First off, the cellar was like a mine field, so I now know when she goes down there she needs to go out.  I have also added another lock to the cellar door in the form of a shim and nail….Man does she get ticked off when she tries to get down and can’t get there, but it also alerts me that she needs to go out.  While disarming the mine field I made the decision that she was getting WAY to much food, so she is going to be cut back.

Well, further investigation I learned that it wasn’t the amount of food I was feeding her but her talent to get into things that she shouldn’t, like a 25 lb bag of cat food!   She has just been self feeding, snacking at her own convenience.   The 25 lb bag is down to,  I would say 10 lbs!    So now this has been corrected.  I put a plastic container over the tops of each bags and the poor baby can’t get into them, at least without hearing her!     One more thing, she will not do both businesses in one trip.   I take her out, bring her back in, then take her out again…   Apparently she’s smart enough to know that trip one is #1, trip two is #2?  🙂    Suffice to say, I am happy today with the progress I see.    The cats, however, aren’t yet feeling any love for her yet.   2 out of 3 are still double in size and Sophie has figured out that they have no front claws.  I think she finds it entertaining when they swat her across her nose a few times.   Fearless!

So last night I decided to put a color rinse in my hair.  Typically I have a hard time breathing when I’m subjected to these chemicals but having a cold and sinus issues I thought, oh what the heck, I can’t breathe anyway!  So away I went.   Being the only member of my family who wasn’t an athlete (major klutz) I missed my head entirely on the first squirt.  Couldn’t see where it went so I figured I’d clean it up later.  Once the crap was all in my hair and timer was set I went back into the bathroom to find where the squirt had landed.  First know, I have medium brown hair, so the color I put in is “medium brown”…..  Well, it splatted on the back of my new toilet seat cover, (opened), and seat.   Because I didn’t clean it up immediately (it was white I couldn’t see it yet), it ran down the cover.   Oh God!    Off to get some bleach which only dried it.    I’m looking at it thinking, my guests will take a look and think “she needs to cut down on fiber!”      I’m going to try other things this week when I can get to Walmart….

While my hair was processing I decided to soak my feet in sea crystals which works great on calloused winter feet.   So I gather things to do, drink on the corner of the couch, and stick my tired feet in this heavenly mix.   Sophie is watching me.  A couple of times I pulled my feet out, wiped them, and went to get something else to entertain me for the half hour.   Over comes scoobette.  She sees that my feet are in it, and I take them out on occasion.  Well, why should she miss out on all the fun?  Yup, anything but delicately she smacks her foot in the basin, claws on top of my feet and water everywhere.   I sigh.    The cats look at me with an expression that says “Well momma, have you figured out yet that she’s a n absolute maniac?”

Soon we will have a family meeting.   I’m sure the girls will want it while Sophie is upstairs napping.   The three of them have gathered in the living room, as if having the family meeting without me.   I know what they are going to say….I just don’t know what I am going to do!

Off to see what the big shit is up to!     Have a great day!  ♥

Today’s artwork:  “Winter’s Snowman”Winter's Snowman


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