Today’s Lesson:   When not feeling my best, it’s wise to set aside the “honey do it yourself” list until feeling better.  Attempting to get things done when sick is just a recipe for frustration!

Today’s Gratitude:  I am grateful for the food that is in my cupboards and refrigerator, the Vick’s I found in the cupboard, saving me a trip and $ to a drug store and the opportunity to be able to change my schedule around to rest.

Just set up the vaporizer with Vick’s Steam stuff… you know, that opens your breathing tubes?   Unfortunately I woke up in the early morning hours with a sore throat, ear ache, and more.   Dammit, I think I caught a cold.   I do fairly well every day working with what I have, but add one more thing to the mix and I am walking a tightrope.    A cold does just that.  I remember when my sister, Darlene got mono in her late teens.  Her neck looked like a tree trunk!   My neck also hurts but nothing as drastic as that.    A cup of Ultra Spice Chai tea is warming me up.    Tonight I think it tastes like those little hot red hearts we used to get on Valentines Day….

We did receive sun today, but the cold spell continues.   Tomorrow it will be below zero, wind chill not included.   I supposed I should just shut my mouth and suck it up, it is, after all winter, and winter in Vermont at that!   It doesn’t appear that we have any snowstorms coming (Thank God!)   Though I want to share, I have wonderful neighbors.   My friends up back, Michelle and Joe, have been helping me out with shoveling the walkways.   I am so thankful for this.   They are such good people.   In the summer time my 80+ year old neighbor mows my lawn for me.    My mom and I keep him filled with pies and goodies, that’s all he wants for doing it!

I read a post from a girlfriend who was recently widowed.   It seems that one thing after another has been happening to her, she goes from an abundance of tears to determination, okay, okay, I can do this… and then something else happens.    Fortunately her daughter takes very good care of her, would do anything for her mom, and does much.   I’m grateful that she is so good to her.    It is hard being a single home owner here.  First of all, living here is expensive.  Owning an older home has it’s down falls.   Last night when I went to bed I could hear something rustling.   I turned the television down and it was coming from inside the wall.  Oh great, a squirrel.  I had this a few years ago and it stripped my attic of insulation, having had this redone 4 years ago I know I need to act on this, and soon, it’s just one more thing.   The door knob broke 3 days ago, I went and bought a new one, plan to install it tomorrow.   Going to put another quart of oil in my jeep so I can be safe until I get the oil changed next month.   While I’m buying a squirrel trap I have to get a rear windshield wiper for the jeep, as well as windshield washer fluid.   All small things, which is good, as I have some heavy things on my shoulders that need no further pressure.

Having lived in New England my entire life, it is just normal and accepting that after fall comes winter and some winters we have more snow than we want.   I’m going to try to attach a picture of my shed from a couple years ago.  We were slammed, back to back with storms.     I am tired of winter already this year.   I must admit, when I ride around I love observing my surroundings and winter snow storms even ice storms offer much beauty.   I think about people who have never seen snow, only in pictures.   I wonder if we are looked at like needing to live in igloos!    As hard as our winters get, they are mild compared to other areas.

As kids we would build forts.   A picture my friends posted on facebook that they made a blocked fort with their girls made me smile.   It’s nice to see families do things together, and it reminded me of how fun that was as a kid.   If it was windy you could go in your fort and you would be protected from the wind.

My house needs so much work.   I am going to do what I can, but much of it I cannot do on my own.   This upsets me at times.   It’s one thing being independent, it’s another to be able to afford to have things fixed when needed.

If I continue to write it will just be more babbling.  As stated in yesterday’s blog, I think, I seem to be going through a phase of unproductive and lack of symmetry thinking.    Strange, very strange.    I am also recognizing a resistance to something that only means one thing…. escape, diversion…..   SHIT!

I’m off to my warm bed in which the vaporizer should have it nice and moist in my room.  Should make for some splendid sleep.   Hoping, anyway!

Sweet sheeps to you and here’s wishing you a happy healthy new day!



Babbling….babbling…. yawning


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