It’s a baked bean sort of day


Day/Lesson #2:    In the event of confrontation, maintain a composure of pleasantries, you may just get what you desire and sooner!”

Today was a leisurely day, knowing that it was snowing outside, I had no where to go.  But that doesn’t mean I had nothing to do!  I actually have accomplished quite a bit, to which I’m pleased.   As I felt my tummy grumble I wondered what I had to eat…Well as luck would have it I found a can of Bush’s Baked Beans!   Yummy!  Now they aren’t nearly as good as my mom’s homemade beans, but they will do in a pinch, and are more welcomed on a cold wintry day like today.

untitled (20)I thoroughly enjoyed a bowl full, and then kindly offered an invite to all my facebook friends to come visit me, sit with me tonight.   Hey, I’m a friendly kind of gal!   I remember my mother telling us she put “pineapples” in the baked beans.   Of course we asked “What on earth for?”   “It makes Hawaiian music!untitled (19)

This afternoon I still had not had an oil delivery.  I knew the 10 gallons they put in last night would not last long in this cold, so I called.   “We left you a message”.    I have no doubt they did.  I am awful when it comes to checking my phone messages, mostly because I really don’t like the phone!   “We did an emergency delivery of 10 gallons to you last night, on New Years Day, it is $120 an hour, plus the cost of the fuel.  Our serviceman drove an hour one way to deliver this for you so I wanted to make you aware that you already have a balance due to us of $280”.     I am clenching my jaw.  “You should also know that you will need to prepay for the tank of oil you want delivered which will cost you quite a chunk more”.    Now I’m clenching my jaw and tapping my foot/leg.  I am picturing this man with his shirt buttoned up to this collar, a pencil pocket protector and coke bottle glasses.      Visualizing a scene right out of the movie “Animal House” I can picture the angel on my right should said “Donna, be kind, and pleasant.  You will get further and quicker than if you let that flippant tongue of yours fire off”.    I grumble.  On my left shoulder is my ego, fists clenched urging me to fight  “You tell that son-of-a-bitch to check with accounting and see how much money they have sitting their for my prepaid fuel!!!!  No one is going to treat me this way, or to talk to me in a condescending manner…. “It will cost you quite a chunk more.  [to have them delivery a full tank].   Do you think that I am an idiot?  That I don’t know the cost of fuel oil?”, said in a very nasty childlike tone.    I let him repeat again, his whole speech.     By now I’m holding my jaw shut physically with my hands……   I let him do his speel once more and then I say “May I speak now?”   “Of course Mrs. Scully”.    Again the ego on my left shoulder is saying “DONT CALL ME MRS SCULLY, I”M NOT A MRS”….   “Well, Russ, have you checked with your accounting to see if I had prepaid?”   “Well, no, I just looked it up on my computer and your last delivery was April 2013, you are not on auto delivery, you are “call as needed”.     The angel, now stroking my cheek and hair “Remember Donna, count to 10, we want the world to see the kind you!”   I grumble again as I picture her looking like the good witch in The Wizard of Oz.   “Sir, I have been a customer of the company you bought out for 15 years, there is $1,000 prepaid in one of your bank accounts for such, I would appreciate your checking into this further”.   He then begins to repeat once more what he has already shared twice…. I swallow hard and softly interrupt “I understand what you are saying, I could certainly understand why you would not want to deliver fuel until it was paid, now would you please check with accounting regarding this matter”.   I’m taking in deep breaths now, as he reiterates I currently owe him $280 for the emergency delivery.   “I have not been on “call as needed for years, do you think that I would not pay attention to my oil if I were?”   “Well ma’am (I want to smack the shit out of him for saying that), I will check into this and call you back.”   “Thank you” I said, while visualizing vomiting it out.

A few minutes later the phone rings…. My Goodness, what a surprise!   It’s my oil company!   “Ms. Scully?”  On the defensive, waiting to hear what they are going to say about this, and the “$280 bill I now have outstanding” (again said in a childish pitch)  “We will have a delivery to your house this afternoon.  It will not be for a couple of hours, as we have no one available to deliver at this moment, but I assure you it will be today”.   I croak out “Thank you, and now about the emergency delivery charge?”  “Oh, never mind that, you do not owe us anything for that!”  said like they were doing me a favor.    2 hours later my tank was full.

I sometimes do not understand or can grasp how intimidating I can sound when I feel backed into a corner.  I come out with both barrels loaded and a tongue that is ready to spew venom (That is for you, Chris!).   I don’t want to be this way, I don’t want to make anyone feel bad because of the manner in which I spoke… (okay, well that one time doesn’t count!)   I walk into the kitchen, pour myself a cup of milk and am pleased with myself for how behaved and courteous I was.  It damn near killed me!   Progress, progress my dear.

We got about a foot of snow last night/today.   There is about 3″ still on my driveway which came after my plow guy came.   My sweet little Lilly (a terrier mix 20lb dog that I rescued from across the road 2 years ago) refuses to go out in the snow.   Hence the walkways need to be shoveled before her majesty will go do her business. untitled (21) So I put on my boots and coat, carry her out to the driveway and set her down.   She still wouldn’t move…. there is still loose snow!    I again use my kind patient voice attempting to persuade her to go so that I won’t have to do this again for a few hours.    She stands still.   I start to walk back in, following the tracks I made upon walking out…no Lilly.   I keep walking, calling her name, no Lilly.   I finally turned around to call her, she stood there, in the same position staring at me as if to say “Ain’t no way I’m walking through that stuff momma!”     I trudge back to the driveway, pick her up and bring her back inside.   A princess, I have myself a little princess!   I made her a raspberry colored sweater this past Fall because she has very little fur (unlike my Australian shepherd use to), I guess I’ll attempt wool socks as well!

Off to do the next round of dishes.   Guess that is not only a statement but a confessional!   Happy January 2nd! I’m off to scout around in my cupboards for Beano!

Today’s artwork is entitled “Simplicity” and is available for instructional pattern packet.



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