Page 1 of this 365 chapter of my life – 2014


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Lesson #1:   Do not blindly trust your oil company when you are on auto delivery!

Well, the New Year is here and I’ve started it with a fairly good day!  Woke up without heat, I knew something was up as all four animals were in bed with me and even hanging close to each other.   I have three sources for heat, I turned on the gas fireplace, that kept us warm until the oil company came to deliver 10 gallons of fuel and bleed the line.    Tomorrow morning they will be delivering a full tank, which is a very good thing because we have a very cold winter.  It should warm up tomorrow because a snowstorm is imminent.  10-12″ is predicted.    It took me a few minutes to find my long and large industrial sized extension cord to plug my electric blanket into….you know, so I could walk around the house and keep warm until the oil company arrived!    (You know I’m kidding, right?)

I spent the majority of the day, and last night into the early morning hours, messing around with my computer.   I THINK (said with a whisper) that I am learning tasks that will make my electronically challenged life easier.   Now wouldn’t that be something!

My thoughts today were about structure, routine in my life.   All I have to say is, I should have some!

Short and sweet today.

Welcome 2014…..  And…… we’re off!!!!!!!!!!

I am thinking about posting a picture of my artwork on every post…..   We’ll see how long this continues!  This one is called “A Winter’s Night” and is available in instructional pattern packet form.



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  1. Happy New Year Donna from Long Island. I am freezing. Our heat went out this evening. I need to make another hot tea and maybe put on the stove to warm up before going to bed. What a night to start the New Year. Thank God we got light. I started beading then, always need to look up something here on facebook or maybe find another pattern to purchase. I could of made my own pattern by the time I am looking at someone else’s work. I do not have a heated blanket. Now I wish I did. Ok, wishing you a healthy and Happy New Year. Will check here another day if I do not forget how I got here in the first place. Ciao, Adrienne

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