Bitch, Bitch… the bitch is me!


The electric blanket was turned on at 6:50pm.  I am cranky, well, bitchy actually.  It started with a gift card last night that I spent 2.5 hours trying to place an order.  Error messages started with the gift card number, then to the name on my debit card, frosted with “time out”, then a new one to “call customer service” which I did, and was on hold for at least 15 minutes and hung up.  Who needs this crap?  Honestly, I am never going to their website again.

I had therapy today, but when I got there my therapist was out sick.  I’m sure she tried calling me to let me know, my voicemail box is full and I haven’t listened to my messages in days… it’s my fault.    She wouldn’t not notify me.  One day, perhaps, I will get better at this crap.

I needed to return $30 worth of stuff at Walmart.  I expected a long waiting line.  Well, it was not only a long waiting line but a mother with two children in front of me.  One kid was screaming, she was getting all the attention “Honey if you stop crying I will buy you a toy”…  My God, I would’ve gotten back handed when I was that age and were acting out in a store.   The other child was picking his nose and eating it.  Yeah, I know, gross.   I looked the other way for several minutes until I glanced and saw his finger had disappeared up his nose to the second knuckle.  I then had to watch….for sure he’ll either find gold or touch his brain!

The Dupreytren’s Contracture in my hands has progressed to a point where I am having a hard time holding onto things, carrying things.   The sheath around the tendon should be like chiffon, mine is like leather.  I cannot open my hands all the way, and while I have read online on numerous websites that it isn’t painful, that isn’t true with me.  If I try to put my hand down flat on a table, clap, or anything close I about drop to my knees.   I have lost so much strength in my hands, it is frustrating and frankly frigan annoying.   I’m sure I’ll have to have another surgery, at least on my right hand, the left I can live with, it isn’t my dominant hand.  I was constantly dropping things today, change at the store, the gas pump, grocery bags, beads, mail, the worst being a large plastic cup full of rootbeer.   Nice mess!

My eldest cat, Jennifur, peed somewhere in my bedroom, I could smell it when I went up to turn the blanket on.  Could not find where, so I am facing this when I head to bed which will be VERY shortly.

We all have days like these, I kept putting one foot in front of the other, kept going…  I am exiting this frustrating day early… tomorrow will be better…..  How was your day?



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