Childhood in rural New England….


Childhood in rural New England....

With the preparation for my Christmas Open House behind me, and my butt dragging today, this is about the only thing I accomplished. I saw this old sled at an antique shop… had already painted the plywood skate. I envisioned this a couple of weeks ago but haven’t had the time nor energy to do it. Today, I threw it all together and I’m happy with the outcome. Rural New England living, depicting my childhood, and what we used to do over Christmas vacation. I am too young to remember bed pans…. so don’t even go there!

Today I shuffled around…beading, crocheting…working up some children’s mittens in wool to felt, only did half of one today, my concentration level was off Lord only knows where. It was a nice relaxing day, though. Tomorrow I jump right back into busyness prepping for a teaching gig this weekend…should be fun.

I have been motivated and inspired by Dr. Wayne Dyer since my early 20’s. Have always found him amazing. Now, with little time or ability (concentration) to read, I have befriended him, Louise Hays on facebook. Their daily affirmations are sensational. These people are so advanced in the spiritual and positive vibes, words, teachings in life, I admire them deeply.
If you haven’t already done so, you may want to friend them…. the knowledge that is shared, cost free to us, is truly a gift.

I guess I won’t be watching “Criminal Minds” past 5pm. Last night I expected to crash when my head hit the pillow. Instead I kept waking myself up, thinking their was someone in my house, in my room. The scarves and robe draped over the door depicted a very tall, broad man with a cape… The reflection of the lamp kept me looking over my shoulder at a burglar with a mask on…. Oh how my imagination runs wild, particularly when I’m plum tuckered out. Finally around 6am I fell fast asleep and got a few hours sleep.

I guess I’ll go crochet for a while. I’m hoping to hit the hay early and get some quality sleep.

Hope you had a great day! ♥


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