A macarel faced Santa???????????


You may want to buy a lottery or ticket… a small miracle happened against the odds.  I am up at 5:30am!  This is the time I usually go to bed.   It is rather nice to hear the pitter patter of rain on my window, have all the animals asleep and wondering what the heck it is I’m doing up… and watching Ed Harris in “The Abyss”.  Great movie, great acting and one hot guy!   I wrote this on my facebook wall the other day… If I ever learned that Ed Harris wears carharrts I would have a stroke… Love guys wearing carharrts and love him!

So arising this early the cats, while disoriented, automatically wanted to be fed.  I stumble to the pantry, oh no, I’m out of canned food, had planned to get it today.  As I was rummaging around to find anything that will appease their appetites I found a can of what I thought was “chicken”….  I opened it, the stench coming from it had each of my nostrils opened to about the size of a nickel.   It was “Chub Mackerel”.   It made me sick, and when I put some down on the cats plate…THEY RAN AWAY FROM IT!    Proof that forgetting my reading glasses when going grocery shopping not a good thing.

I’m up this early to work on finishing projects I’ll be selling at my Christmas Open house.    It has been noted that some artists paint those who are close to them, like eyes, noses, etc. when painting Santa Clauses.  Also, scent is the strongest sense that brings back memories, opens up the realm to channeling for some.  Well, I think I am going to throw the mackerel out the back door.  Can you imagine a mackerel faced santa????????? Good god.

I just finished my Lucky Charms… they’re magically delicious… until you run out of charms!    Every week I have been buying a different cereal, obviously not particularly healthy ones.  Last week I had Super Sugar Crisps, the week before Cheerios.  I think next week I am going to get Shredded Wheat.    Choosing a healthier cereal is truly an accident!

Walking into my art room this morning I laughed at the containers of beads, ornaments strategically placed on the floor.   This room is right off my front entrance.  Screw the security alarms, this is mine.   There is no way someone could get in and walk around them without tripping or any of the animals hearing!   Can’t you see the Mackarel Santa flying on in the air and landing on his keastah in a bucket of beads?

Off to go paint, have a wonderful day!


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