Tis the shopping season


It’s hard to believe that in a few hours December comes rolling in.   Still, as I looked outside today, the bare trees, the grey skies, felt the cold against my skin, winter is here.  Winter is amongst us now.   There may not be snow on the ground yet (therefore I can still drop to my knees on the ground and Thank God for that!) but even the smell of winter fills the air.  Christmas lights are popping up here and there, trucks and cars rolling by with Christmas trees on their roofs, the bed of their truck.  Yes, retail Christmas is now in line with reality!

A week from today I turn 52.   Unbelievable.   FIFTY TWO!   Sing with me “In 1492….” Oh wait, that’s Columbus!  Yah, now it is said Columbus was a traitor, or a theft, or whatever.   Honestly, I wish we could just let things be instead of drudging up whatever crap we can on another.   Guess what?????????   Ask the Indians!

What I like about the holiday season is what goes on in my heart.  Even if I swear I will not celebrate, I just want it to pass by without acknowledging it, my heart always comes to feel the season…the season of giving!

I remember how exciting it was to see Christmas lights when I was little.  I remember believing in Santa Claus!    He made his presence known by the footprints in flour on the floor in our living room.  We would always leave him cookies and they would be gone except one, with a bite out of it.  

I have some fond memories of holidays.   It seemed each year we kids would get up earlier and earlier.   My brother woke us all up at 4am one Christmas morning to tell us all the things that Santa had brought us.   We weren’t allowed to open anything but our stockings until everyone was up.  When we went to wake up mom and dad we were told, for the first time, “GO BACK TO BED!”     That was also the same year that my brother thought everything was for him.   “Oh look!  My teddy bear!”…. it was for Karla.  “Oh look!  My hockey sticks!”  One was for Darlene…  The only thing he didn’t stake claim to was the four tires under the tree for me for my turquoise beloved Subaru!  I wish Santa still brought me tires!

For years I would take my nephews Christmas shopping.   Ajay would want McDonald’s for dinner, Alex wanted Burger King, so we would drive through both (a couple exits away from each other).  Then we would go shopping for their mom and dad (their parents always gave them money to spend but they usually ended up spending more!).    After their shopping was done they could shop for themselves and pick out their present from Aunt Donna.   It always seemed that my sister, Darlene, had a camera on us, as she lived 3 hours away in NH and would call that night at the perfect time, back when cell phones were installed in cars and huge in size!   The boys would always be excited to hear from her, they adored her, and her, they.   It was a wonderful tradition, unfortunately things happened, it fell by the wayside.   They usually had in their minds what they wanted to get their mom and dad.    One year it was a new car… we had to renegotiate that one!  I loved this time with them.  I think we all looked forward to it.   I know their parents did!   A night home alone!

This year is the first Christmas in 13-14 years without Brody, my handsome Australian shepherd.   He LOVED the snow.   The past few years it seemed the older I get the older winter gets, the first snow would bring a smile to my face and pure happiness to my Brody.  Last year, knowing he was failing, I made extra big of it.  We went for a hike in the woods, which he loved, and spent time outside so he could roll down the hill on his back.  I’m grateful I did that.   He had more fur than I had brains (well almost!) evident by all the tumbleweeds of Brody hair in my house.  There was no vacuum cleaner that could keep up… or perhaps I’m remembering that wrong… perhaps momma didn’t care to vacuum everyday!    Losing animals is so hard, but I know what a wonderful life he had, and I hold onto that when my heart strings are pulled.  He really did live a privileged life, and he deserved it.   Lilly, well little Lilly has very little fur… unlike Brody’s it grows and grows and I have to cut it.   She also shivers when she goes outside so I made her a raspberry colored wool turtleneck sweater.   Forgive me if I’ve already shared this… sign of my age!   She’s a sweet sweet dog, she is also a very stubborn dog.   Lately she has been waiting for me to “invite” her to come downstairs, or to come into the kitchen to get fed.   Yes, I have a little princess pup who this morning was very upset with me, and rejected my wanting to give her some loving because SHE was not the first order of business this morning…the phone was!   When I hung up and called for her she turned her head the other way.   I couldn’t help but laugh.    Brody used to rule me, he was a very demanding and strong willed dog, I found it hard to get work done when he was here because he wanted to go swimming, or hiking, or play Frisbee, or chase tennis balls.  Seldom would he take no for an answer.  I refuse to allow Lilly to run the household…and it is about my changing, not her…. “No is a full sentence”.

Well, how that I’ve rambled on I’m going to turn in, to a well heated bed with a vaporizer on high with Vicks steaming out.   Yeah, first cold, sinus infection, whatever of the season.   I’m hoping that this is not a precursor for what will come, last winter I was sick all but 3 weeks of it, I hope it will not be repeated.     Will do my best to ascertain that will not happen.

Another year that I just shook my head at Black Friday, though I will admit, I love it when our local Walmart is open 24 hours for Christmas as I take advantage of this and not only do Christmas shopping but grocery shopping at 2am.

Good night!



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