I am grateful, I am grateful….


Part of my therapy for the past few weeks has been doing a daily gratitude list.  What I find ironic about this is that is what the book I am writing is based on….   When I announced at therapy this afternoon what they were, (3 things) I answered:  Harry, my family, my abilities.     After running errands, they have expanded.

I am grateful that I did not meet the guy (In person) who drove a black truck and was tailgating me for about a mile.   I slammed on my brakes once to warn him… apparently he is a slow learner.  As he passed me and each car in front of me, singly on double solid line, I am grateful the words of a my sailor vocabulary thoughts did not leave my tongue.

I am grateful I screwed up on and paid for 50 copies I cannot use because it reminds me of my imperfection, my humanness, and how ridiculous I would be if I allowed something this miniscule to ruin my day.

I am grateful that I had to search for a clean pair of jeans today in a pile of clean clothes as it reminded me it’s time to do laundry.

I am grateful that I was able to see the effort the girl who was working at the gas station, put into her work.  In spite of the long wait lines, which reminded me of the 70’s, her awkwardness and lack of competency, she was very kind, and she was trying.  Hey, that’s all we can ask of someone.  I am also grateful I didn’t lose my patience, as I sometimes do.  Thank god for meds!:)

I am also grateful that I am home, safe and sound, no fender benders today, and am tucked into my humble womb for the night.   I am also grateful that I had cereal in the house as my can opener died and the meal I was planning on eating required such.

I am grateful that I have a therapist who is not only sharp, competent, but also funny.   I don’t recall any session where I have not laughed, at least once, even in the darkest of days last year.

I am grateful that someone (who wanted to be anonymous) gave my girlfriend a gift bag to give me.  Inside were two pairs of wool socks, one of which I am wearing at this moment.  How sweet, how nice…and how warm!

I am grateful that the three places I went today for Ocean Spray Ruby Red juice did not have any because I apparently needed the CranGrape.

I am grateful for my brother who helped my mom do imminent work on the Subaru.   The cover to the catalytic converter came loose, was touching pavement occasionally.  My mom reported that today no car tailgated her, or even came near her for that matter!   Sparks?  

I am grateful that the soda I had spilled over onto my lap, jeans, because now I am wearing my comfortable sweatpants.

I am grateful that today was a trying day, testing my patience, my focus, my emotions.   Today I didn’t smack the crap out of anyone, flip them off, or go off on them… (Not that I do this regularly).

I am grateful I can shut my phone off because that is what I will be doing tonight to recover from this day!



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