What have I forgotten???????


“There is something I’m forgetting!”  “There is something I’m forgetting!”  “There is something I’m forgetting!”   Have been saying this for the past couple of days.  I shrug it off to senility, and proceed about my day.

The physical feeling is similar to that of leaving your house without earrings, jewelry.  (That is if you wear them).   When I do this I feel naked, off balanced.    But hey, it’s only decoration!

Have been reading some organizational tips for ADHD (and more).  Lists!   Well, I love lists, and like my sister in law, if I do something that is not on my list, I put it on and cross it off!    Lists are great, if you remember to take them with you!

My jeep tones this prevalent ring when it’s running low of fuel…a good reminder.   My iphone has proven to be my favorite gadget and best tool.  One may think i’m having an affair with Siri, I talk to her so much.   Still, after reading my notes, what my body is feeling like “I’m missing” is not jogging any memory.

My cats screech, scream, run back and forth and make a ruckus if I forget to feed them.  There IS NO forgetting to feed them.

My neighbors piles of placed beside the road in front of their house every Wednesday reminds me to do the same.  Thursday is pick up, get that crap out of here!

I sit on the thinking throne, wondering…. what is it I am forgetting?   Eh, let it go, shrug it off, it will come to you… and as proven over and over in my life, as soon as I let something go, it comes to me……  There I sit, there I reach….there I moan….. NO TOILETPAPER!



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