Sarah, I’m changing my name to Sarah!


I am procrastinating.  The next thing on my list is to clean my house…..    For the life of me I do not understand why it gets so cluttered AND its been almost a decade since Jim has lived here and his spit is still in the sink every morning from brushing his teeth!    WHOOPS, I guess it was mine all along!

Have been thinking about music, how much it means to me.   While listening to Sirius radio today, John Cougar came on.  Then he was John Cougar Mellencamp, and them John Mellencamp.  How about the artist “formerly known as Prince?”    So I was thinking, I’m going to change my name, forget my past and just redefine myself.  How about Sarah, Sarah Serandon?  That sounds like a nice name.  Screw the married name, which is the only evidence left of that marriage.  I stayed with it because it was my published name….And others liked it “Dana Scully”…”Donna Scully”.   Yah, I’m done with it…. Sarah, call me Sarah, the artist formerly known as Donna Scully!

Mission clean out continues.  For the first time in the history of my living here (some 25 years) my cellar is empty.  It has a few things of paint, but the walls are bare, it needs a good cleaning, vacuuming, I want to get that done before winter, and there are nut shells down there from the frigan squirrels.   I had thought they were gone, I think one remains.   There is no furniture waiting to be painted, no wood, metal or tin waiting to become a masterpiece…I am freeing up my backpack and starting anew.  Wish Sarah luck!

Temperatures were into one digits last night.  When my fireplace is going my living room and studio get up to 80 degrees.  The highest it gets with the furnace (or the highest I allow it to get) is 68, sometimes 70.   I normally wouldn’t like 80 degrees, would make me bitchy, but there is nothing quite like a fireplace, wood, penetrating, warmth to the bone.

I’m considering cooking this year, Thanksgiving dinner.  I haven’t done this in over a decade.   We shall see.  The majority of holiday gatherings were at my house, my sister and I would cook, and laugh our butts off all day.   I have been thinking about this because a close friend of mine just lost someone very close to him, someone that they baked cookies together every year.   Darlene and I did that, too.     I don’t think I would even remember how to baste a turkey!   Thank God for the internet!

Now I will go and start some laundry, clean my home.   When I start to get the “screw its”, I’ll think about how nice it will be to come downstairs tomorrow morning to a spic and span house!    Peace….


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