Cccchilly and hey, might as well eat chile!


Munching on a taco salad with hot sauce, I am once again reminded of the advantages of living alone!

It’s chilly today, 50 degrees.   I have vowed to not turn the furnace on until November…we shall see.  I could walk around wrapped in my electric blanket, with extension cords!  Nah, I’m a klutz, I will surely trip on them and hurt myself.

I’m feeling much better than I was yesterday, very happy for that.  I also saw a guy bent over, wearing carhartts, his butt facing  me.  What a treat, and the shortest red light I have ever sat at

!  At night I can hear the cold settling into my house.  Creaks, cracks.  I have learned not to worry about the cracks in the walls at winter time, they seem to close themselves back up in spring/summer.

Todays thoughts are on slippers…this year I may invest in a good pair of slippers.  Every year I spent $15 on a pair, which are worn out come the end of Spring.  I wear them to the mailbox, in fact I wear them most of the time, and have, on occasion caught myself wearing them into town!   Oh, I miss my mind at times.   This afternoon I went to therapy.   As I was there I looked down at my sleeve, it was covered in paint, then I looked down at my chest.  My favorite “Vermont” sweatshirt that I paint in, wipe my brush on, I apparently wasn’t thinking when I got dressed.  Oh well, at least I and it was clean.  

Speaking of wearing things out in public, I snapped a picture with my iphone, have to check to see if it came out.  This teenage boy was wearing a parka with fur around its neck, and his cream colored pants were at his knees.  I mean, at his knees.  I sat at the stop sign watching, in awe, of the muscles that kid must have in his legs to hold up the pants and walk at the same time.    Amazing, indeed.

I have a picture of an old barn in winter that I found the perfect frame for at a thrift shop.  It’s piece together barn board..we’re talking rustic, beautiful!  I am excited about this.

Have also been giving thought to what makes me happy, what I think is fun.   I differ so much from my siblings and most of my friends here, not all, but most.   I love to create.  Whether I am painting, writing, drawing, designing jewelry, decorating, floral designs, I am at my happiest.  The large majority of this I do alone.   I had fun when my family came up in September to visit, so I know I’m not a recluse.   I enjoy watching a movie, or should I say, listening to one?  I have a hard time sitting still without having my hands busy, and its not proper to pick your nose….     🙂

Off to go put lavish my bed with my electric blanket, get the fireplace going, find some wool socks (they all have holes.  Every year my kid sister would buy me a couple pair of LLBean wool socks.  I sure do miss that. Oh the wonders of wool!  Just last year I had to let go of the last pair she gave me.  I did so with a frown on my face), and???   chip away at my honey do it yourself list.  Lots to do to get this old house ready for wintah.    Like getting my air conditioners out of the windows!

How come soda or water doesn’t seem like much in its container unless you accidentally dump it on yourself or your desk?  Then it feels like a full reservoir of it!     Have a good one!


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