Used to be’s don’t count anymore………………..introvert


<p>In the late 80’s when I was working at the Vt. Yankee Nuclear Plant the movie “Silkwood” came out.  After watching the movie, my then boyfriend was concerned and asked on numerous occasions “How do you know if you are internally contaminated?”  On and on and on.  Finally I had enough.  I explained to him about pocket dosimeters, etc.   I was so sick of hearing it, one day when he asked me I said “When you wake up in the middle of the night and your privates are cobalt blue? Then you know that I am internally contaminated!”  Never heard another word about it.  But I digress.

Employees were offered an opportunity to participate in a two day training/testing for Briggs-Meyer Personality test.  Of course I signed up.  The majority of attendees (as well as the majority of employees), were male.    It was both interesting and rather fun.   At the end of the seminar the instructor, Irv, announced the results by telling us how many ISTJ’s (this was the majority, probably 20 people), INTJ,,,,, yada yada.   The last thing he said was “We have one ENFP, anyone want to guess at who that is?”   The majority of the class looked back at me… “Donna!”.   I asked “What does that mean, Irv?”  He says “It means you don’t belong here!”

After 20 years of teaching I find myself anxiety ridden, nervous before teaching a class/seminar.  Wow… Really?  It’s not only unfamiliar but obviously not enjoyable.      At any rate, as I sit here writing this blog on a Saturday night surrounded by my furry kids in front of a warm fire, not only content, but happy.   There was a time in my life, not too long ago, that I wouldn’t feel good unless I was in a relationship, or with others.  Not the case anymore!

So, at 51 I enjoy my own company, and from results of an online personality test the results came back “extreme introvert”….. okay then.  I guess there is much worse things to be! 🙂   No longer at ENFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are you?



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