Country living…critters!


Another picture perfect day here in New England.  Before I get started on work, I take a leisurely ride on back roads.  Today I saw a wild turkey, a dog and cat laying in the road (dirt road) and one would think I was driving in Boston.  Getting in and out of Brattleboro today was, to say the least, frustrating.  Lilly likes the back roads too.   I’m so proud of her, the way she has moved forward since Brody passed.   She was one broken little girl for several months.

My morning started looking for my readers.  Well, for a change they weren’t on my head, but on my nose!   Ain’t aging fun?  I have learned to laugh at the strange and sometimes downright stupid things I do.

The flea situation is under control but now I have a family of squirrels in my cellar.  Let me tell you, they make some major noises.  When my girlfriend was here she was freaking out that there was something down there.  When I decided to go down and check she was impressed with my “courage”.  I had to laugh.  When I got down there I saw some fairly large, what appeared to be, forgive me, “turds”.  I decided then to go back upstairs!    As it turns out, they are chestnuts from the tree outside.  Yep, these squirrels are thrilled with their new digs…. HELP!

I am having a creative streak so my house, if seen by the Board of Health, would be condemned by the Board of Health!  Mostly the dishes that are piling up.   Perhaps my mom will visit, she just can’t stand to look at dishes in a sink, so that will take care of that mess!   Ahhh creativity.

I’m off to go finish up a couple paintings…Last night the piece I was working on I thought was awful.   I took my own advice that I tell students, put it aside and went to bed.  This morning I not only thought it wasn’t bad, but I liked it!  Sort of like life, and how sometimes I start my day over.  Sometimes I nap and then start it over.    Things never seem to look as bad once I’ve gotten some rest.  “Fatigue makes cowards out of all of us”. – Um, forgot… Winston Churchill?



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