My dad… 79!


Today my dad turned 79.  Where did the time go?  Almost 52 years ago I came into his life (his favorite child of 5).   I recall thinking how old my parents were when they were in their late 30’s and used to ask myself “And they are still walking?” 

My dad served in the US Navy.   Though he was married, he sent money home to his parents, too, to help them with his younger brothers and sisters.  We were always taught to respect the Veterans, as it was they who gifted us with freedom.  I honestly do not believe he felt this way because he, himself, was a Veteran, but his dad, his brother, too. 

My mother used to threaten us kids, as we were beating up on each other “Wait until your father gets home!”   We would chuckle, continue on with whatever it was we were doing because my dad was FAR from a disciplinarian.    At the dinner table when my mother informed him what we had been up to, instead of being angry, he would laugh.  This, of course, ticked my mother off!  He wasn’t passive in all things, particularly when it came to our safety.  When my sister Darlene got her drivers license, I filled the tank of my spanking new Subaru, threw her the keys.   I was home sick with strep throat, for some reason my dad was home early that day which was a very rare occasion.   The phone rang, my dad answers it “Yes, this is Mr. Lucier, Darlene Lucier’s father”.   I sat in the living room listening closely.  “She did, huh?” he replied to whatever was being said to him.  “Thank you for calling.”    I asked what was going on.  He chuckled, grinned, chuckled some more “Apparently Darlene was seen driving around the high school parking lot with a bunch of kids hanging out the window, loud music blaring and going just a bit too fast”.    I was so angry, which made my dad laugh even harder.  Darlene and my dad were buds, very good buds.

My dad has worked hard his whole life.    He still works odd jobs.   He has had his health issues, and is currently having some now.  While he has seemed removed from our lives at times, there has never been any doubt that he loves us.  My dad loves his children.

He is a very talented man who taught us to be resourceful.  I cannot think of anything he isn’t capable of doing… well, other than disciplining us kids! 🙂   A jack of all trades, an ambitious, motivated man who provided for his family well.  My dad is a good man.

I remember when I thought I knew more than my parents.   I think it was until I was 50!  NOT!   I often say “I wish I knew half, now, of what I thought I knew then!”   10 years ago I was renovating my house to incorporate my studio and classroom.   He and my Uncle Harry came down to put up the sheetrock.   My mother and I stayed busy with other things, my mother, also being highly resourceful and talented, I call her “Hazel”.    I was fresh out of a long term relationship, was feeling the loss of it, and also very angry.  I would NEVER love another man again!   Well, my dad made suggestions as to where to put a door in my classroom, which I

My parents built two homes for us.  Two beautiful homes.   I remember my grandfather, my dads dad, coming over to help.  He was younger than my dad is now….

His grandchildren lovingly call him “Bumpa” which started when his oldest grandchild, Josh, could not say “grampa”.    It has stuck with him over 30 years.

He loves to fish, to hunt and did so regularly when we were growing up.   He would get home from work after a 12-14 hour day, my sister would already have the worms dug, and we’d hop in his truck and go fishing.  My sister was champion fisherwoman. 

I feel fortunate to still have my dad with me today.     I’m also so grateful that he knows I am his best and brightest child.

I hope we are together to celebrate many more birthdays together…  Happy Birthday Dad!  Love you


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