My Sunday afternoon drive


Lilly and I rolled out of bed this morning early for us.  I did a few chores while Lilly went outside to play with Jennifur (my Maine coon cat) and hang out with her a bit.  When she came in we snuggled up in the living room.  She has been at grammas for a week so last night was her first night home, thus her first morning.  She was so sweet, cuddly, not surprising we fell back to sleep.  You might say we took a 2 hour nap!

The weather today was my idea of perfect.  Blue skies, crisp air, lovely.   My decision to go to NH was threefold:  Visit my brother, run an errand and enjoy a nice Sunday drive, something that I haven’t done in a very long time.   I was feeling quite philosophical this morning.  The new ADHD meds are working miraculously for me.   Now calm, able to focus on things, Lilly and I lightheartedly took to the road.  

Within minutes I found myself behind a Subaru going 10-15 mph below the speed limit.  This is a main route in a small country town.   There is only one place to pass and that was 3-4 miles up the road, so I found a good radio station, sat back and enjoyed the slow pace.   There appeared to be only one person in the car, perhaps a sweet little old lady or man?   Rather than get frustrated I chose to think about that elderly person driving.  What had they experienced in their life?  Certainly they had experienced joy, and certainly they had experienced pain.   Were they married?  Did they have children?  Was their spouse in a nursing home and the other was going to visit, bring them flowers?  Was this person on their way to visit their daughter/son, their grandchildren?  Did they have a sweet little dog that encircled their whole attention and whom others found yippy and obnoxious?    What had they done for work?   Did they have an elaborate wedding?  My melancholy mood helped generate the inquisitive and curious questions that came to mind.   I smiled when I realized how peaceful, serene I felt.

As I drove steadily behind about 2-3 cars lengths behind, I noticed there were not one but six other cars behind me.  This is heavy traffic for this road on a Sunday morning!   The car directly behind me was edging closer and closer, less than a cars length behind.  This always aggravates me, it actually angers me.  Typically when this happens I will slam my brakes on so they got the message to get off my butt, or they quickly pass when they can.    But we were just now just yards away from the passing zone.   I wasn’t going to give up this peaceful easy feeling so I just ignored it. Now only feet away from the passing lane, and still driving my brother’s speedy car I sped up quite a bit to pass to allow the car or a couple cars behind me to pass, too, and still be within the passing zone. 

As I was passing I glanced over to see if this was the dear old lady or the little old man  I had envisioned so fondly.  There behind the wheel was an elderly person, a woman barely looking over the steering wheel, both hands appeared planted to the top of the wheel.   Still thinking endearing thoughts I gave her a quick wave and smiled at her.  She looked over at me, what I thought was going to be a wave turned out to be her middle finger.   I blinked a couple times to be sure I was seeing this correctly.    She gave me the bird!  WOW!  What had I done to deserve this?    Perhaps she was not feeling well, perhaps that grumpy, almost mean look on her face was because her underwear were cutting into her waist or she was a nervous driver and felt like I was pressuring her?  Who knows!   I wondered if the car behind me also was greeted in the same manner.

After back in my lane, looking in my rear view window to see if others were able to pass her, I shook my head from side to side, smiling, thinking how she reminded me of “Maxine” from the greeting cards.  

“What a world!” I said to myself, “What a world!”



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