Friday Ramblings…


I had a long but pleasant day today.  In my brothers fancy wheels I drove to Attleboro, Massachusetts today.    There is a stretch of road in Bolton, MA that I love.  The road (paved) is canopied with big beautiful trees for probably a half a mile.  As I look down the stretch of road (which I purposely get off the highway to see) it makes me smile.  It is one of my favorite places “on the road”.

I just unloaded 10 trips of surfaces (heavy), files, and more.  It is all in my studio, flopped here and there.  For those who think we decorative artists just sit and paint all day, NOT!  I am making time everyday now to paint, even if just for an hour or two.  It feels good.

Today I have been thinking a lot about friends who have come and gone in my life.   I have two very dear friends whom we have known each other for over 30 years.  Did you ever hear that song by Harry Chapin “Circle” written by his brother Steve?  There is a verse that says “Old friends, they mean much more to me than the new friends do, because they see where you are, and they know where you’ve been”.    I am blessed with many friends, many people who care about me.  I remembers my mom and dad’s faces as they saw the cards roll in when I was going through cancer.  My mom counted 200 and stopped.  How nice to be thought of, to know others care.  I still have them, it’s getting time where I’ll take them out and look at them again.  I have a bureau that stores my most precious belongings, these cards are in there.

When I first moved to my house (with my ex-husband) we had taken a young maple tree that had only one very small limb, from the land we sold to buy the house.  I planted it in my yard up back.   I call it my “tree of life”.  I have lived here for 25 years.  Have had two long term relationships, I have matured, grown up here in so many ways.  I would guesstimate this tree to now be 40-50 feet tall.  Many times I have sat under that tree, pondering life, looking for answers for decisions I have made.  I have lit candles under this tree and had private services for too many loved ones that have passed.  I like that it signifies my “Tree of life”.

This weekend should not be as busy as last weekend, which is probably a good thing.  I am too old to be staying up all night, off and running in the morning!  I am looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday.  🙂

My quality of life has improved so much since my Doctor(s) started me on meds for ADHD.  I am calm, I think clearer, I am still not good at multitasking but I no longer sit and wonder what direction to go.  It isn’t that I was lazy (though I thought so), it is that I couldn’t focus, I would spin.   My doctor recommended the book “I’m not Crazy., Lazy or Stupid”.  All I can say is…wow.   I related to 90% of what I have read so far.  Funny how I thought this type of thinking was “normal”.  How the heck did others accomplish so much with this?  Well, now I know, they didn’t!   I am annoyed, however, that this wasn’t caught earlier.  Granted they really didn’t start testing til the early 90’s, but it is not like I haven’t had therapists or psychiatrists this whole time.   I get angry with the fact that the quality of my life could have been so much better.  Oh well, I have to let go of it, cannot go back in time and holding onto it only causes me strife.

I stopped in K-Mart in Leominster, MA on my way home, picked up a couple things I needed which totaled $37.  The cashier asked me if I was a “bonus club member”.  I looked at her like she had three heads.  “Apparently not, I said, as I have no idea what it is.”    She asked if I just wanted to try any phone #…um, no!   She surprised me by typing in her number (as she whispered, “we aren’t supposed to do this”) and saved me $12… SWEET!

Now I shall go and try to make sense of the shambles that my studio is in.  I am rather excited about an opportunity to paint for a company who carries fine quality furniture.  I can paint just to paint!  Wohoooo

Hope you have a nice weekend.  Should be great sleeping temps tonight here in VT….. another Wohooooo!


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