This past weekend I was witness to something so absolutely beautiful I have had a hard time putting it to words.

Without going into much detail, I saw children who were thrown away, mistreated, abused and more, maybe for the first time in their lives, PLAY!  Teenagers who have survived such hellish things that any person or animal should not be subjected to, LAUGH!   I saw the smiles, heard the laughter, the belly rolls, was witness to them being gifted with an opportunity to be part of something real.  To feel deserving, and experience that life really can be beautiful, that it isn’t always about disappointments and pain.  I saw them swim, and enjoy the company of others.     I saw tough boys who didn’t want to make the trip to VT, who wanted to stay within their comfort zone (rightfully so,) BEGGING to return for Thanksgiving!

I was astounded.  I was moved beyond words.  They were and are being given a chance.  A chance to know what a family is like, to know what love and commitment is, to know that regardless of their baggage and struggles, they will not be abandoned.   

A perspective “reminder” that you don’t have to look real far to find someone so much worse off, to understand how important, how precious it is to give your life to help another.  Unrelenting patience, road blocks, challenges and still, commit to the well being of others.

As I sat watching this, I thought about my childhood, how exciting it was when cousins were coming to visit for a vacation.  It was better than Christmas!   To gather with them, to spend time with them was absolutely positively wonderful.  To know the good people that they are, are family, makes me very proud.

What an amazing experience, a gift…


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