Family Reunions


This weekend I have a family reunion of sorts.  Tired and saddened that we only saw each other at funerals, my cousin and his wife have vigilantly thrown family outings Memorial weekend and Labor Day weekend.  I haven’t been able to make all of them since they started a few years ago, but I have made several.  What a wonderful time to spend time with family, with cousins, with aunts and uncles.   This year I have one cousin and his family staying with me.   I am excited!  Now a small abode, I have, but we will manage somehow to get by, and I’m truly looking forward to quality time spent with them.  Hey, it helps that my cousins wife is a computer pro….  who helps me, the electronically challenged, make sense of how to do this and that, and also fix that which I haven’t a clue how to!

This year I am trying to get my brother involved.    I wish my sister from North Carolina could make it, but everyone lives are so busy, it’s understood.

Coming from a large family, I am the middle of five children.  My brother, the only boy and the youngest, having lost both my youngest and oldest sisters to ovarian cancer, I think its safe to speak for my remaining two siblings to say, our family now feels quite small.   Some of the best times in my life were spent with my sisters, and my sisters and brother.  There is nothing quite like reminiscing with family, those who have known you then, and know you now.  Oh the stories you remember, the belly rolls that occur during and after the memories are shared.  These are times to savor, these are times that took me loss of elasticity in my skin and gray hairs to appreciate.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, as an adult I have always enjoyed the company of my siblings.   Echoing in my ears, dolby stereo, are my mothers words from childhood as we were beating the crap out of each other…”One day you guys are going to want to spend time together, you wait and see!”   Of course we thought she was nuts, and before we even had a chance to roll our eyes we would hear “Are you rolling your eyes at me?”  Oyy.

I have some exciting opportunities coming up around my art.    I am embracing these things humbly and with much gratitude.  I am going to be able to paint to just paint!  This is an opportunity I look forward to delving into.    As always, I am guided into the next phase of my life, changes, and given what I need to follow through.  Sometimes I share with others the “signs” I receive that guide and they are shocked, goose pimples arise on their skin when they hear the nitty gritty.  This makes me wonder, are others just not paying attention to theirs or am I blessed with this, too?

At any rate, I am now going to slip into my painting clothes, work on some pieces I need to finish and sketch out new.   It’s the perfect day to paint.  The weather is dreary, damp and perfect for what I anticipate will be a nice afternoon nap!

I hope your day is full of joy,  I hope you are enjoying good health, happiness, and while none of our lives are perfect, finding much to be grateful for.




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