Country living!


One of my favorite past times of late is to travel via back roads, explore old roads that fade off into the woods.  This evening I took the extra 15 minutes and took all back roads home.  A snapping turtle, geese, a giant pig that came close to the size of an old vw bug, cows, a pond that reflects, for me, many stories of yesterday, and of course, the brook that parallels the road, all twists and turns included.  Country living, country life.   The simplicity of it can easily be lost in the challenges of the day, the thinking that is solving, not viewing.   Take the time to smell the roses!   I find myself smiling every bit of the journey.  My senses are all heightened, feeling very alive, the smell of freshly mowed hay, the sound of peepers…   I bask into this as if all were being seen, smelled for the first time.  Really, however, it is these very things that bring me back to my heritage.  Remind me to take deep breaths, to look at the beautiful scenery in front of me, to get back to the basics.

I live in beautiful country.  I love the seasons.  We are having a heat wave that is so far from a few months ago, piles and piles, feet of snow blanketing my yard.   How extreme!   And yet, I work to keep my thinking in the grey areas.  No, not 50 shades of grey, I couldn’t care less about that.  Crap reading, in my humble opinion.   I try to rid myself of the very black and white thinking that life plays out in front of my very eyes.

Just for today, just for right now, this second, all is well in my world.  This does not imply that things are as I fully desire, but all my needs are met, and I am graciously aware of the smaller pleasures in life….

Awwww, smell that country air?  Feel that subtle breeze?  Hear the creatures of the earth delight, as well, in their own surroundings.  All is right with the world.  Just for this moment, all is right with the world.





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