The heat goes on… (sung to Sonny & Chers “the beat goes on”)


This afternoon when I went to an appointment I unwillingly left the skin of my right thigh on the seat of my jeep.   When I tried to release it my inner arm stuck to the outside of my torso gripping like super glue.  By this time I’m a bit annoyed, perhaps I need to see better, so I pulled down the glasses which were on the top of my head….Steamed lenses!  Oh ya!  Now I’m getting into it.   In my scurrying I walk out of my flip flop, leaving my right foot flat on the freshly laid blacktop.   As a kid we used to walk through horse manure in the summer, letting it squish between our toes, warmth and all.  This didn’t quite feel like that.  Perhaps I can eat the bottom of my foot like a pizza?  After all, it’s been cooked at a minimum of 350degrees.  After shuffling around, I finally get my foot back into the flip flop.  Alas, now I am ready to walk the 300 or so feet to the door, to the air conditioning…  I got quite a workout today.  Thighs sticking to each other, my arms glued to my sides like a mummy. 

Reminds me, think I’ll have chicken thighs for dinner.


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