Chin dropping beautiful!



Do you know where Newfoundland, Canada is??????????????????? Well, its way the heck out there and I was there!  I was fortunate to have visited my girlfriend Anna-Marie, meet her family and was introduced to her heritage, her culture.  All I can say is WOW!  It was an opportunity of a life time, one I will never forget, one that changed my “view” of WOW!

It began with my girlfriend picking me up in Vermont and us Northbound to Canada.  We traveled for two days (10-12 hours per day), took a 7 hr ferry trip to get to her province, her home.  It was worth every minute of the drive.

I entertained her with my delightful singing…. (just ask her!)   We have been friends for a very long time.  Anna Marie is a bit crazy you know!  🙂  She is a strong, independent, beautiful woman inside and out, who after years of being a single parent (and a good one at that!), she has time now to cruise the roads, jet set to different provinces, even countries and pursue her creative endeavors.  She is fun to play with!

When we got to Newfoundland my jaw was on my chest. What I can only imagine being hard winters, certainly not an easy way of living, I have to tell you…The residents were, by far, the friendliest, kindest people I have ever met.  Strangers saying “hello” to each other, offering their hand if necessary.  Smiles and pride all over.  A very happy place and I quickly saw why.

When I go to the ocean it brings me peace, perspective.  As I sit and look out at the abyss, it reminds me that I, my problems, my life is just one pebble on the shore.  I find the ocean air is healing, soothing.    I love mountains.   I feel safe nestled between them, it brings me comfort. All things in nature have energy, the energy I receive both ocean and mountains is priceless to me.  Newfoundland was more than I could ever imagine, and then some more!

A few years ago I saw this movie “The Red Door”.  It was a sad movie however my attention was not on the drama but on the landscape.  Where was this movie filmed?  My God, I need to see this with my own two eyes.  It ended up being Newfoundland.  This went on my bucket list.

As I stood between these rocks the size of mountains, surrounding with ocean I could only define it as PROFOUND!  AnnaMarie was a wonderful tour guide.  She shared with me background, history, sharing her heritage with me with immense pride.    Around EVERY corner is another beautiful view, a painting in the making!  Every corner offered a new shade of water…amazing!   Their trees are far from picture perfect but they stood strong, proudly, having to bear the difficult weather that happens there.  These trees were absolutely beautiful in their own right.   The tops of the trees showed weather wear, not unlike its surrounding.  Primitive is another word that comes to mind, but it really isn’t primitive.  It is untouched by the hands of housing developers like we have here in the States.  It is like virgin land.

The highest temperatures they get are between 70-75 degrees.  With the exception of just 2 weeks a year the mountains (rocks) in the distance are covered with snow.  Picture this, surrounded with mountains and water.  It was unbelievable to me.   I was in awe the majority of the time.  I have been unable to write about it because there were no words to capture its majestic beauty.  Even still, three months later, I have not come up with another word which even comes close to “Profound”.  Baffling Beauty?   I just don’t know.

Archaeologists from all over the world visit to study this beautiful land, where it’s the only place in the world where trees grow on rock!

I shall never forget this opportunity.  I shall never forget how extraordinary, how vast, how profound (see what I mean?  There’s that word again!)  this province, this island that truly seemed like an entirely different world.  It is raw beauty.  

I came home to a very busy schedule, more traveling and lots of things on the “honey do it yourself” list.  I carried my iphone where all my pictures of this experience resided everywhere.  “Let me show you pics of Newfoundland”…I came to realize I was quickly becoming a “long lost high school friend” you meet who pulls out the plastic accordion filled with family pics!  “Oh No…here she comes again!”

When I went to Hawaii to be with my sister during Desert Storm, I wanted for every person to see the water there.  Thecolor of the water in Hawaii is also indescribable   When I came home from my holiday in Newfoundland I wished that every person could see this land. 

The hustle and bustle, the challenges I have faced over the past few weeks (months) I wasn’t taking the time to first off, be kind to myself, pamper myself, but also to engulf my thoughts in the memories of all that I witnessed.  Today I took out my computer and revisited the many photos that I took.  A smile came to my face as I remembered our conversations, the tourist sites (which for me was at every corner!), the kindest and generosity of the people and their culture, the colors of the water, the incredible picturesque views from my friends home.  We sat on her couch (chesterfield) conversing, looking out at this beauty.  What an experience!  What a place!  Profound.. (I know I know I know)

Thank you, Anna Marie for this opportunity, this generous gift.  Thank you for introducing me to your family, your culture, your students, your studio…Your LIFE!

With a smile on my face and warmth in my heart, I shall “lay me down to sleep” wealthy, wealthy with all that I was blessed with.  


If you have a chance to go there.. GO NOW!


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